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I was on vacation last week and came back to work my shift at the hospital 7p-7a on Sunday night. I was informed Sunday afternoon that I had been suspended and not to come into work. I was told that I needed to come to the... Read More

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    Quote from Ruthfarmer
    There is NO benefit to you in writing a letter of resignation. It would only serve to harm you.

    File for unemployment and be prepared for your claim to be denied and be prepared to appeal the denial. Hopefully you will find another position sooner than later, because if unemployment is as meager in your state as it is in Louisiana ($247 per week and less than that in Mississippi), your days unemployed will be difficult.

    The main thing I want so desperately to impart to you is this: Damn good nurses get fired EVERYDAY for NO good reason. Innumerable false "reasons" are given for firing them. The actual reasons have to do with baser aspects of human nature, such as supervisors who feel threatened by competent employees. Organizations that cultivate dishonest atmosphere where cutting corners and falsifying records are threatened by employees who demonstrate integrity.

    It is a wretched thing to be fired for no GOOD reason from a job you have enjoyed and done well. The wretchedness is compounded by the super difficult economic problems our country is facing.

    Keep your head up and carry yourself with pride and dignity. Be prepared for people to be make unflattering assumptions about you solely on the basis of your having been fired. Be prepared to be rejected for employment because you have been fired. Keep in mind that the organizations that reject you are probably not organizations that you really want to work for anyway. Keep your head up.

    This is not a fun or happy situation to experience. I know you must be fiercely disappointed right now. Disappointment can weigh so heavily that it feels like failure. It is not failure.

    As trite as it sounds, this can be a time for tremendous personal growth. You can find yourself utterly devastated and you can stay defeated and distraught OR you can pause and try to see just what you can learn from this situation. All you can do is all you can do. You can do nothing more. What's meant to be will be. Things will work out for you.

    Yes, this is the voice of experience talking to you.
    I like another nurse here on the forum, was a victim of Mission Hospitals in Asheville, NC after 10 years of devoted service. Approaching age 50 and having some chronic health problems,and under a lot of stress due to a sick elderly parent, loss of another parent, and going through a divorce. I too was constantly "in the hot seat" and written up for penny ante stuff and finally terminated. However when I applied for unemployment, I was denied benefits, I was told by the employment security commission that Mission told then I had not renewed my nursing license and let it lapse. This is totally false. I have proof from the board. I had renewed my license on time and Mission has this cocamamie policy of having you renew it a month or so ahead of time. My birthmonth falls in a month with 3 or 4 bank holidays in it. I renewed online after I got home from work the day before the deadline but the next 4 days were bank holidays and the BON and banks were closed so 1. my debit card did not clear till tuesday and 2. the BON website shows I renewed on time but "cant be official since debit has not cleared bank" (due to holiday of course) I couldnt pay earlier, because I had to pay my mortgage and my auto insurance. Now thanks to them I have been without a Job since June. (and I renewed in Feb,) and only $10 to my name and not a single job offer, I have must have applied for 50-75 jobs. Another nurse was done this way 18 mos ago and she hasnt found work yet and neither has another in 2 years. Something fishy is going on up on the hill! (also I am pro union and they knew it and I also knew about unsafe practices going on also)

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    There was a reason you were let go. Your manager gave you a directive and you did not follow it.

    Whether the policy itself does not make sense, or you forgot... you did not follow her directive.
    That won't be tolerated in any facility. The peons would then be running the show.

    I agree it stinks, but if you look at it from administrations point of view, you may be able to make some sense of it.
    Personally I would have resigned, anything but have a termination on my record. The measly unemployment would not be worth that mark on my employment record.

    Sounds like you are getting right back on the horse.. that is exactly what you need and kudos to you.

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