Finally feeling human again!! - page 2

I finally found a Nursing job!! It has been a long 7 months off. I am excited to start and get back to the grind. I am just happy I had to share! :D :yeah:... Read More

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    Congratulations on your new position!
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    Congrats! Best of luck!
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    I had my orientation today and tomorrow I will shadow with a nurse on the floor.

    I thank you all for the warm wishes. It is so good to be working again.

    I try not to be negative with my posts. I have had some pretty horrible days myself, but I always tell myself everyday will not be bad. I cannot control when residents have a bad day or get sick. All I can do is try to make the resident better and go with the flow. Life is to short to harp on the bad things.

    Have a good evening all!!
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    Congrats & wishing you success!!!

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