FGCU Nursing Spring 2019

  1. Hello. Deadline for spring is near so I thought I would start a convo for applicants to share their stats and plans. I am very excited but nervous. My overall GPA is 3.73, science and pre recs is 3.65. I am waiting to take my tease at the last minute. I hope I do well. Please share your info. I look forward to getting to know you...
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  3. by   lumberzack1
    Hey everyone, my name is Zach and I also just submitted my application. I just graduated from FSU and now I'm going for a second BSN, so I'm applying around. I don't have a "first choice" nursing school as of now but it's certainly possible that I'll commit to FGCU if I get in.

    We should hear back in 12 weeks (August 7th 2018), right? Ugh, being patient is hard lol.

    GPA: 3.62
    Teas: 87.3%
  4. by   zoeysmom
    Hi Zach. Good luck. FGCU is my first choice but I'm not feeling good about it. I didn't do so hot on the teas. Any advice on how to prepare for that test? I have a 3.74 but low teas. Feeling frustrated...
  5. by   Canegurl07
    Hey thankfully somebody made the forum I kept searching. I was reading I See last year they had over 400 that applied and only 88 were accepted. Yikes. Well I made a 77.3 on Teas, 4.0 Science GPA, I'm unsure of my overall GPA. But FGCU is not the only school I applied to. I was reading the other FGCU forums to see if I could get info (as far as school schedule, clinicals, classes just like an overview but no one responded) Uhm we should hear something back between July 15-20th according to the forums I read they normally heard back between the time frame. Look forward to all of us getting in