Feeling alone & depressed today

  1. I have been an LPN for almost 6 months now working in a Post Acute floor in Kansas.

    I have decided to head back and finish my clinicals for my RN through an accelerated option. So I am changing to PRN instead of full-time. Today I thought I would stop by this really nice, new, big facility and see if they were hiring. I filled out a 2 hour long application and got an on-the-spot interview. My interview lasted 45 minutes and I got a tour of the rehab wing that I would be working in...I was offered the PRN position as long as Corporate ok'd it for me to work there.
    You see, in 1998 I stole a few things as a teenager (17) and was charged as an adult. So it has always been on my record as a felony. Turns out even though the DON of the facility wanted to hire me, Corporate said NO!

    This is the 6th time in the last month this has happened. On every interview I go on, they love me! they can tell I am a good person, kind-hearted, and have the BEST interest for my patients...but then these corporate people ax my contract before it begins. I disclose everything and I am very honest about it. It was a one time thing, and it was stupid...Why are people so hard at forgiving others? I'm a GOOD person, why does this keep happening? I'm wondering at this point if its even worth going on in the field of nursing any longer? I love taking care of people, I love helping them recover from fx/wounds/sickness/etc. I love seeing my pts go home! Why does it always have to be this hard for a good male nurse who made a teenage mistake (nonviolent) to get ahead in his nursing career?
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  3. by   ElizabethScala1
    Hang in there. When the right job comes along and it is meant to be it will happen. You have your heart in the right place: wanting to help people, be there for patients, see them do well, etc. So you are a good nurse. You are a nurse. You have it within you. For some reason, those other jobs were just not meant to be. I believe very much in the fact that the universe puts in front of us what we are meant to do. So maybe something about those other jobs was not for you. Do not give up! You will get your dream job if you continue to follow your passion and where your energy is.
  4. by   DixieRedHead
    If you can afford it, talk to a lawyer and see if you can get your record expunged. Might be worth a try and the initial conference is usually free. Sorry for all your troubles.
  5. by   leslie :-D
    dixie, great advice about legal consult.

    op, whether you have that record behind you or not, looking for a job is the pits.
    keep the faith, and it'll happen...when it's supposed to.

  6. by   carolmaccas66
    Sorry I'm still a bit confused by ur post.
    Do you actually disclose re this theft when u were younger? Or do u say something like you just had a run in with the law?
    I would keep trying, and always be upfront and honest re what exactly happened. I would even go back to the other places & ask if they can reconsider. If u have stayed out of trouble, I don't see what the problem is. Nobody is perfect. We all do stupid things when we're younger & you should not be penalised ur whole life.
    I would also see a lawyer & contact the police to see how u can go about getting this off ur record.
    I wish you all the best. Pls come back and let us know how u get on & if you gain a position.
  7. by   neatnurse30
    Stealing things is terrible- you were teenager at that time, so you were not a little kid, you knew what you were doing. So you should have not wondered why the future employer will be suspicious of you. Now, I believe that you greatly regret stealing and will never do it again. Some people suggested talking to a lawyer- I think that is a great idea.
  8. by   rnbsnmsn

    i have always disclosed my past. i think it would look worse if i try to lie and then it comes up, which it would.
  9. by   BrandNewLisa
    I am a recruiter, pursuing a career change to nursing. I deal with many candidates with felonies, and finding employment is a hard road. If this is the ONLY criminal charge on your record, depending on the state, it can be expunged. In the state of Ohio, it has to be 3 years from the date of resolution of the case in order to apply. That means 3 years from the completion of all jail time, parole, or community control. You can consult a lawyer, and they charge an average of $500-$750 to file the paperwork and represent you at the hearing. However, this is a relatively simple process in a majority of states, which you can complete yourself. I filed an expunge request for my younger brother. It was a page and a half fill in the blank form, and cost $50 to file. He had a hearing two months later, stated his case that he had kept his nose clean and wanted to move on with his life, and they sealed his record. When the charge is expunged, you do not have to disclose it when asked. If it should come up on a bg check in the future, you can provide your expunge order to the employer, and they are not allowed to consider the charge. Go to the county clerk website of the county in which you incurred the charge, most of them have a form section. Google will help you find it. Best of luck!
  10. by   rnbsnmsn
    Quote from neatnurse30
    Stealing things is terrible- you were teenager at that time, so you were not a little kid, you knew what you were doing. So you should have not wondered why the future employer will be suspicious of you. Now, I believe that you greatly regret stealing and will never do it again. Some people suggested talking to a lawyer- I think that is a great idea.
    I know stealing things is wrong. I did know when I did it that it was wrong. I did it to impress my peers. I do not deny that its wrong.
    But I can tell you that at that time, I was in highschool and never once thought about careers or what I wanted to be and if my actions would affect my future. As teenagers, we all tend to think we are invincible and that our actions will not hurt us.
    I did actually speak with a lawyer today and found that I can seek to get it off my record, just that its going to take some time, some money, and again, the possibility of obtaining it.

    **Worth noting that this would have never been on my record if I did not come forward as a kid with a conscience and turn myself in. I wanted to accept responsibility. It's just aggravating to continue paying for this one minute act 14 years later... Its not like I physically hurt anyone, abused, drug-related, or anything of the sort.
  11. by   carolmaccas66
    I think BrandNewLisa's suggestion is excellent! Well done.
    Mark we ALL do & think stupid things when we're younger - no-one is exempt! I don't care what they say. No-one is perfect.
    I applaud you for being honest. I too was involved with some girls when younger (one who I sorta see every now & then now). We were all out shopping one day and they were all stealing things, which I didn't know about. Long story short, we were all picked up by the police & questioned and the other girls were charged with theft. I was only warned (though I didn't steal anything), but I'll never forget the humilitation when taken home by the cops. I FELT guilty and I wasn't! The point is I could have been led astray, which happens to some younger, vulnerable and naive people.
    There is no excuse for stealing - unless one is starving I suppose - but that's a debate for another time. Anyway we all learn as we get older.
    Yes I would follow what Lisa said & when u got to employers, reinforce the fact you have stayed out of trouble, studied, are now a good member of society. In fact, I would highlight this on your CV as well.
    Good luck!
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  12. by   MECO28
    @neatnurse30...I suppose you've never made a mistake in your entire life? Never had a lapse in judgement? Cut the guy a break; teenagers are inherently impulsive (full frontal lobe development is not achieved till 25 years of age). I guarantee there is not a person alive on this earth who is free of regret...and if there is I'm not sure I want that person as my nurse because our best learning comes from the mistakes we've made.
    Hang in there, markblpn.
  13. by   carolmaccas66
    Mark do u have legal aid over where ur living? Here in Oz we can take a case to them and if they think it's worthy, we are granted $10,000 in expenses for the case (includes lawyers etc). That would be worth pursuing or call some firms and ask if they do any pro-bono work.
    I would still go to the police directly myself and start there though re the record.
  14. by   EmergencyNrse
    There's always "Occupy Wall Street".
    They're pretty miserable too.