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I have failed the NCLEX RN 3 times and in my state that is the maximum unless you want to go back to school again for another 3 chances. I have a BSN and my question is, what other kind of job can you get with a BSN?... Read More

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    Well, you've already maxed out on the number of allowable attempts, so there's no point in discussing how to take the NCLEX now.

    There's really nothing you can do with a BSN other than pair it with an RN license. It appears that your options are (1) see about becoming licensed in another State that allows continued attempts to pass (in which case, you WILL need to learn what to do to pass the NCLEX) or (2) find another life plan.

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    Hm. I'll echo what two other posters said -- I wonder how you're studying and take the NCLEX in another state. I agree also with what another poster said: NCLEX isn't real nursing. It's a game.

    Did your school offer a Kaplan course or something similar?
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    What book did you study from? I read and read and can't remember anything! I'm so frustrated. Any suggestions?
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    I took the Kaplan when my school offered it and that was a joke for me. I was more confused after taking that course then anything. Plus it didn't help me pass the NCLEX, I failed it!
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    Some of my classmates took it but I didn't. I used Kaplan NCLEX review book. Not saying the least NCLEX is a game. You still need to know the basic of nursing and lots had to do with critical thinking like your A (Airway) B (Breathing) C (Circulation).
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    Take a Hurst Review. I did and passed NCLEX the 1st time with 75 questions. It was the best thing I could've done. Well worth the $$ I paid for it. Study the book cover to cover, answer a TON of questions. Make sure you always know which pt to round on 1st. Know all s/s of abnormal labs, and ABGs. (That's all that NCLEX asked me).

    TAKE A HURST REVIEW!! And go to another state for the exam.
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    You need to start calling some BONs in surrounding states. You need to meet with your peers who have passed. You need to come up with a new game plan. Best of luck to you.
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    Just throwing this random fact out there: In WI, students who do well enough in law school and are resident of and plan to practice law in the state of WI do not have to sit for the bar exam. It's called diploma priveledge. So in THIS instance, you CAN practice law with your degree and not pass the bar exam =) WI is the only state with this practice in place, BTW
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    You need to stop worrying and start studying, I really don't understand how any can fail it 3 times unless they have severe test anxiety or they have not prepared adequately.
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    I used the Kaplan book and felt the same way. Apparently I am able to take a test prep course and try again. I'm trying Hurst this time, which a lot of people on here seem to like and find helpful

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