Facilities switching to 8 hour shifts - page 2

With the current "fad" of getting rid of 12 hour shifts, does anyone work at facilities that have actually made the switch? If so, did you have a mix of 8 and 12's prior to the switch or was it just... Read More

  1. by   Dazglue
    We just finally went to all 12's. THANK GOD! And if we every go back to 8's, I'll be leaviing. Lol. I love my 12's.
  2. by   SleepynurseRN
    Well I remember 12 hour shifts where I used to live in the south: Work three 12's off 6 days back for 3 shifts. That was the sweetest!

    Now in government, we work 6 12's and one 8 hour shifts. ( full time is 80 hours instead of 72) Usually I have at least 3 days off in between shifts but sometimes we get screwed.
  3. by   StrwbryblndRN
    We are a mix with mostly 3/12's. Not too many older nurses though. Most nurses do not want to go to 8's. Some have increased their total hours to 40 due to spouses out of a job. They work 2/8's and 2/12's. And some decreased hours to 32 for school.
    I would hate to see all 8's or all 12's. Does not leave a lot room for the different lifestyle needs of the nurses.
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