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With the current "fad" of getting rid of 12 hour shifts, does anyone work at facilities that have actually made the switch? If so, did you have a mix of 8 and 12's prior to the switch or was it just 12's. What were the results... Read More

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    I work 8's now at a doctor's office, 9 actually. I work from 815-530 w/ an hour lunch break. I hate it. I want 12's. By the time I get home I have no evening left w/ my baby. Especially if I have to cook dinner. I miss him everyday.

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    Working 8's right now; it sucks. by the time I get home the day is completely shot.

    I have been able to work a double which is grueling but the payoff of getting 36 hours in 2 days and having 5 days off is beautiful.
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    Both hospitals where I work do both 8 and 12s, depending on what the nurse prefers. New hires may have to work the shift they do not prefer to a while but when there is an opening in their prefered schedual they can move into it. Never heard of a nurse having to work a shift that didn't work for them for more than a year or so. Also have nurses who both, two 12 and two 8s a week.
    To force nurses to work shifts that make them miserable is a signs of a serious lack of consideration by managment.
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    We just finally went to all 12's. THANK GOD! And if we every go back to 8's, I'll be leaviing. Lol. I love my 12's.
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    Well I remember 12 hour shifts where I used to live in the south: Work three 12's off 6 days back for 3 shifts. That was the sweetest!

    Now in government, we work 6 12's and one 8 hour shifts. ( full time is 80 hours instead of 72) Usually I have at least 3 days off in between shifts but sometimes we get screwed.
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    We are a mix with mostly 3/12's. Not too many older nurses though. Most nurses do not want to go to 8's. Some have increased their total hours to 40 due to spouses out of a job. They work 2/8's and 2/12's. And some decreased hours to 32 for school.
    I would hate to see all 8's or all 12's. Does not leave a lot room for the different lifestyle needs of the nurses.
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