Experienced Nurse Moving to a different state..

  1. Hi all!
    I have been losing sleep over this decision and I would appreciate some sound advice from my peers at Allnurses!!
    I work currently work per diem at a hospital OR in Connecticut that I have been in for many years. Its becoming an unhappy place to work in due to bullying and isolation. I am not learning anything new plus its a pain to commute to. There is a hospital just a few blocks away from home from me that is looking for a per diem RN. The hospital near my house is a general OR and would be a great experience for me to expand my nursing skills. However, in Sept of 2013, I would move to a nearby state state, New York, hence leaving the employment of the nearby hospital. I will be commuting every few months to CT see my family..

    1. Should I just stay at my current job and suck it up till I move in Sept?
    2. Go perdiem at nearby hospital, learn something new, stay local and risking ******* manager off for leaving in Sept?
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  3. by   nurseprnRN
    If you're going to be returning to CT now and then, how about going to the new hospital now, then in August-ish telling them you'll take a weekend shift or call once a month after you move? Might soften the blow. And I know you plan to move in Sept 2013, but you never know what might happen between now and then....
  4. by   Yuvonne
    In reading your post I think you have already answered your own question. When you talk about trying the new job you seem excited. Even if its for a few months like you said it's learning something new and you can see if its something you would really enjoy.
  5. by   Carrollrn
    I think you are totally right. I just sent the Nurse manager an email. I met her b4 when my mom was in the hospital. Hopefully, she will go thru her email soon and contact me! Thank you!
  6. by   Carrollrn
    Absolutely, good idea.. I don't want to burn bridges.. Ill wait till August to reduce my hours.. in the meantime I will work as much as I can. Thank you!