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Hi everyone, I have recently dealt with the board of nursing over an issue with how an order was given (and how I interpereted it) and a charting violation. I recieved a public reprand which consists of taking classes and... Read More

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    Sorry to say, it will show up on the BON website. I go on there occasionally to check that my licensing credentials are up to date, all you have to do is search the nursing database, type in your last name and it will show up. It's all public information.

    However, it does take a long time for those actions to appear, usually the BON does not publish that information until the case has been resolved one way or another. At that time they will publish all relevant information.

    My suggestion is that you prepare yourself to address it in an interview, explain what happened, what you learned from the mistake and make it clear to them the ways that you will make sure that it will never happen again.

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    Definitely tell them! I just went through a situation exactly like yours in April. They will find out, whether it is from you, or the quarterly notification from the bon which is emailed to all facilities. It looks better coming from you, i promise! I told my manager what happened and that i didn't want her to feel there were trust issues. She was wonderful, and even offered to be a superior reference if i ever needed her. If she had found out herself, i don't think she would have been so open about it. Honesty is best when approaching your reprimand because they will find out, there is no hiding it from anyone in healthcare...

    Good luck and keep your head up, cause you are going to have ups and downs.
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    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to follow up since there is so little information regarding a situation like this on the internet.

    I consulted my lawyer regarding the disclosure to my current employer and she said that she could not advise me on that decision. I decided not to disclose immediately and just ride it out until I was admitted to CRNA school in a few months... However, while doing some research for one of my pre-requisite classes on the BON website I decided to check the status of my license. It had not been updated at the time, but at the top of the page was a notice regarding a new policy. As of November 2011 the BON will be updating all current employers of any changes to license status REALTIME! I still had a few days until the new policy went into effect, so I immediately informed my manager. It had only been a few days since the decision was made by the board, and my license still showed no reprimand.. She was very pleased that I told her before she found out on her own. She told me that it would not likely affect my current job because it happened after I was hired. (I worked at two hospitals for a short while). She got back to me a few days later and informed me that my job was secure and she felt like I had gone through enough. That was the biggest sigh of relief I have ever breathed!!! If you receive a reprimand, I highly recommend you tell your current employers immediately to avoid the appearance of deceit. This really only applies to someone working at two hospitals because it would already be known to the hospital in which the incident occurs. This is also a VERY good reason to have multiple employers, because if i hadn't had a second job, it would be next to impossible to get hired with a reprimand on my license.
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