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Hi everyone, I have recently dealt with the board of nursing over an issue with how an order was given (and how I interpereted it) and a charting violation. I recieved a public reprand which... Read More

  1. by   kimressler
    I had a similar situation occur 14 years ago. If have worked in other areas such as research and education. Every position I applied for over the years I got no response, no interview or a email message that said thank you for your interest, but the position is filled. Unfortunately, the position(s) are still listed weeks later. I did have an interview and was then called back for a 2nd interview. The manager for this facility pulled out my letter of reprimand and read statements that I needed to respond too. I wish I could have reviewed the content prior to the second interview, but what really got me is I have never worked for this facility and the facility was bought out by a larger healthcare network. As I was trying to explain the situation, the year it drug out and all the money it cost me. My attorney said I had to agree to something, pay a fine and take a course on documentation. There is not enough time to share how this really rolled out and my actions were no different than any of the other nurses. What absolutely has me in a tailspin is the fact that they have a chart on me that is written DO NOT HIRE. The chart is 10-12 years old. I am stressed and heart broken and do know if I have anyway of rectifying this. It's as thou I have a target on my back. I may not be able to get my hours in by the end of the year and will have to let my license go inactive. Does anybody have any suggesstions, are there attorneys that excel in this area. I don't want to be malicious, I just want a chance. But with the public record, and an old chart circulating around my chances are hopeless. I have cried, tried to think logically,etc. Any thoughts or resources I could go to?
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    Hey guys,

    I decided not to disclose immediately and just ride it out until I was admitted to CRNA school in a few months...
    I don't know about CRNA schools, but this whole thing may be a big negative, you may not be able to sit for certification even if you do get admitted to the school. Please check into that with the BON before you possibly spend big $$ (or accumulate big loans) and a lot of time attending this intense program.