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According to this, an old article in Nursing Spectrum all these problems are caused by the same condition, Nursing Is an Oppressed Group. Oppressed groups have certain attributes like lack of self-esteem, passive-aggressivesness,... Read More

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    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that we would benefit from challenging the systems that put obstacles in our way. However, any call to change is usually met by resistance. In a culture where nurses already put each other down quite a lot, this resistance is huge. It doesn't matter to most that this change might benefit us all as a profession, it is the threat of change in an already stressful environment that makes nurses react in such a way! That, and also that we have been conditioned to respond in that way.

    I think we need to work on ourselves first: set an example for others on how to react to new ideas, and other stressful situations. Work on our communication so we find the most effective way to elicit change from others without getting hammered by negative reactions. How to keep check of our feelings so WE don't just snap if someone pushes our buttons. Finally, how to relax, wind down and be calm in a tense situation. For this to happen we need to keep check of our feelings, unload through debriefing, look after ourselves on and off the shift to make sure we cope on a functional, rational and calm level.

    Once we have achieved this, we can start communicating in a constructive way with colleagues about issues that are getting in the way of safe and effective care, or that are counterproductive in some other way. When our colleagues come to some understanding and consensus about these issues, we can gather support from each other for some of the bigger issues on an organisational or state level.

    Infighting and young-gobbling always involves some sort of power struggle. It is only when we empower ourselves and others around us that we can combat it.

    I call on you all to speak up about what YOU do to achieve these things:
    1) Debriefing
    2) Unwinding or relaxing at home
    3) Dealing with tension at work
    4) Communicating a call for change
    5) Empowering yourself and others around you

    Take care, Doc


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