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Hi! I work in a busy level 1 trauma center's er. A couple weeks ago due to the stress in my life I had a meltdown at work(I cried). I ended up signing in as a patient in to my er to talk to a psychiatrist. As a patient I got drug... Read More

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    Quote from tewdles
    (i am aware that this is not a popular position for a health care worker, but, hey...i'm entitled to my own independent thinking. and, just for the sake of argument, i recently flew for nearly 20 hours straight on 3 different aircraft and i do not believe that those folks should have to submit to testing either. the pilots are not alone, they are supervised and monitored by the other staff, and they are professionals. co-pilots are required to question the actions and behavior of the pilot if it is suspect. frankly, i don't care if the pilot drinks scotch or smokes pot on his/her off hours, i just want him/her straight for the flight. also, if he/she drinks rather than smokes an allowance should be made for the possibility of "hangover" which will impair performance as well.)

    ummmm, how about that little case of the jetblue captain this last week....you know, the one who the passengers had to subdue until the flight could make the unscheduled landing and he could be let off the plane bound and tied to a wheelchair????

    how supervised and monitored was he? how safe were the staff and passengers? fortunately one of the passengers was the head of a security firm and led the rush to subdue the captain. this could have ended poorly.
    i completely agree that it could have ended poorly. but there is nothing to suggest that this guy was under the influence of anything or that he was an abuser of anything. it is entirely possible that he suffered an acute episode of anxiety or experienced some other mental health issue. no matter...he will now be watched very closely if he is allowed to return to the cockpit at some point. i am certain that you did not mean to imply that the cabin attendants played no part in his containment or the actions that kept the crew and passengers safe.

    flight staff have very stressful jobs with long hours and frequent absences from home and support system. it would be unreasonable to expect that they are immune to the potential harm caused by those issues.

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