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As a new nurse starting out, I remember learning multiple new things every day. Our facility has a couple physician's that are legendary for their temperments. I have always been the type of person... Read More

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    I have always made it a habit to look up, check on and research anything that I ran across during my shift that I did not know or needed to know more about. I did this quite a bit as a new grad some 27 years ago and still do it today . By the way to answer a question in one of the responses----glucose and insulin will cause the potassium to shift back from the plasma to the cells. You did not state the cause of the hyperkalemia, but was most likely caused from a shift from the cells to the plasma. Remember potassium is the main intracellular electrolyte.
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    I was in charge of our 20 something bed unit last year when a Not-so-new nurse gave me report on her pt. She had given D50 and insulin per an order she received that AM. She thought the resident (it is a teaching facility) was silly for ordering that. "Her sugar was fine" that morning. I lost respect for that nurse. She didn't know why she was giving it. Didn't try to find out. And she was condesending about the resident who wrote the order. A new nurse who askes why is a better assett to a unit than an experienced nurse who isn't looking to understand things that are new to her/him.
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    Can someone please tell me the mechanism of action on this and why it works? I have tried to look it up and cant find anything

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