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I was all of 18 when I met my first husband. It was three days after 9/11 and my stepmother had just kicked me out of the house. I had no place to go. I went out with a girlfriend and met this charming, leather-clad man at the... Read More

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    Quote from 07302003
    Because of things that happened in my past I donate monthly to a domestic violence organization where I live.
    I had the education and family support to get out of a bad situation.
    I'm able to support myself.
    But not everyone is, and not everyone has family to turn to.
    Many of these organization also help rape survivors. There is nothing more infuriating or humiliating than to have to pay for your therapy as a rape survivor.
    We have many charitable causes we support - these are mine.
    My sweet husband donates money to the local women's shelter/rape crisis center every Mother's Day to honor me, even though I was not involved with them (I was on the other side of the country). I do love this man.
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