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The other day I was involved in a cyber 'chat' with a user on another popular social networking site who happens to be a nurse in a different state than the one in which I reside. Even though this... Read More

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    I totally understand your "two cents." Now that you are done venting, are YOU going to start the petition???

    If you are pertaining to my post, I'm not attempting to be a "martyr Mary" however, the way I (and I can only speak for myself) have dictated my nursing career have been satisfied. If no one else will be in my side when I ask about salaries, and want to change our livelihood, then I can it DO what I can do..again, I ask, ARE YOU STARTING THE PETITION???? If not, you sound very hollow about how I handle MY career. Talk to me about what I do when YOU ARE READY to start a MOVEMENT. You have NO IDEA how active I am in improving nurse salaries...behind this screen name is a person who IS TRYING to change the profession. If YOU are ready, then LET'S GO!!!

    And fir proposing for billing services, I get billed for my services...I have my own contracting business. We do get billed, IMO...should we get billed more??? ABSOLUTELY.

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