does anyone know what the procedure is to avoid breaking a thermometer?

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    Im am taking a really old exam for a job i just started its a little outdated! lol
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    Avoid dropping them? Sorry, I have never heard of such a "procedure."
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    Store it safely?
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    Make sure there's something soft for it to land on!!!
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    what a weird question. doesn't everyone use tympanic these days that you can't break unless you drop, throw against a wall etc?
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    >< I broke one once - I dropped it, and it split in two. I thought tympanic ones were sturdy - it was just my luck
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    I dunno about avoiding breakage; are you sure they weren't asking about what to do if you did break one, referring to the old mercury-in-glass ones? There's a procedure to reduce mercury exposure that we all had to know.
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