Do you use your pda/smartphone at work?

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    I'm reading more and more info about nurses using apps on their devices to help them do a better job and as a Blackberry lover I can see how having info at your fingertips can be helpful BUT how realistic is it?

    Do nurses really use their smartphones at work?

    Are they allowed on the floor? Encouraged?

    What about during clinicals?

    I think I would feel weird pulling out my Blackberry to look for info on a drug *even though there are MANY apps with really comprehensive guides*

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    I have and Ipod touch and feel lost without it at work! I love having so many apps at my fingertips! I can look up drugs, diseases, or treatments when my patients and family's ask, without having to leave the room.
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    I just tell them that I have a reference on my phone, and I'll look it up. People know that phones are more than phones.
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    Absolutely and the NP'ers use them too. In fact, the new iPhone 4 is everywhere in my facility right now.
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    I had an IPod touch and now the IPhone. I use mine all the time, I am currently in clinicals and it makes researching drug way easier than having to carry around a bulky drug guide.

    Best of luck!!!
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    Thanks everyone! I'm glad to hear it's not frowned upon because in this day and age a smartphone IS the easiest and fastest way to get info. Hopefully my clinicals will allow my Blackberry to accompany me.
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    I used my BlackBerry to look up a drug and my clinical instructor lost it on me.... user beware.
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    Quote from canundergrad
    I used my BlackBerry to look up a drug and my clinical instructor lost it on me.... user beware.

    Really? That's too bad. I guess some see this as unprofessional and unreliable. IE. If it's not in a book, it's not real? I find it innovative and productive.
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    I guess it depends on your facility policies. They don't want nurses walking up and down the halls looking like they are texting. But I certainly think they are a HUGE assett in our field.

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    We aren't allowed to have our phones near us. We could be reprimanded, even fired. Yet, docs are on theirs at the nurse's station (non business related) ALL THE TIME... It's a total crock because I do use mine for more than the actual phone.
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