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Hey all, wondering what the general trend is here. My question is, do you talk about work when you're not at work? The reason i'm asking is this: I'm a nursing student, my sister is an RN. She and I will always be... Read More

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    On occasion. RN dad and PCT mom. I usually refrain from talking to my boyfriend about these things, but if I'm talking to my parents, yes, I will complain about the doctor(s), and the stupid things patients say or do, or the cool, weird lung sounds the patient had. They, in turn, complain to me about the stuff at work.
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    mine is usually explaining where yet another bruise came from.
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    My best friend is a nurse so when we get together we talk a lot of nursing. Especially now that she has a new job. I love hearing about other hospitals and how they do things (probably why I am always on AN!) DH isn't in healthcare though and usually has no idea what I am talking about. I will mention if I had a particularly hard day but won't go into specifics.
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    I have no nursing friends and no nursing relatives so when I leave work I really leave work behind.

    My friends have an interesting mix of careers, we all have so little in common job wise that our conversations have little to do with work. I prefer it that way.
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    I used to. Not in detail but I would mention certain things. Since I work in hospice now I don't say anything except to nurse friends or coworkers. Sometimes you just need to decompress.

    Most laypeople aren't comfortable talking about death and dying so there isn't much to discuss. I might vent on occasion about scheduling though.
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    Quote from blackvans1234
    Hey all, wondering what the general trend is here.

    My question is, do you talk about work when you're not at work?

    The reason i'm asking is this: I'm a nursing student, my sister is an RN. She and I will always be talking about the hospital, patient conditions, latest things at work, latest rapid response (HIPAA naysayers can leave now), latest wild ABG (pH 7.06, CO2 140) . Etc.

    A friend / classmate of mine has two sisters in nursing, but they NEVER talk about nursing when outside of the hospital. I am wondering if this is common?
    To me, nursing is more than a job, it is a lifestyle.

    (Obviously there are times when you won't be talking nursing, but if you're younger sibling, niece, nephew etc is studying nursing don't you think you'd talk about it once in a while?)

    Potential bias on this forum, seeing how most people online right now are not at work, so are a little more into nursing than your average Jane.

    Hello there,

    I agree that nursing is a lifestyle more than it is a job! When you meet new people outside of work and they ask what you do, "I'm a nurse" is usually like music to their ears. All of a sudden you'll hear about Aunt Betty's swollen legs or My Husbands Warfarin dose and then if you're really lucky you'll get a nice little rant about the state of healthcare in this country!!!

    Sometimes you can't but help talk about nursing outside of work. When my shift is over I have to drive 30 mins to get home, which gives me a chance to clear my head. When I was a student I lived 5 mins from the hospital so if it was a bad day I'd come home all worked up and in a foul mood. Now I can have time to digest whats happened on my shift so when I walk in the door I don't bite my partners head off!! Its usually just a quick, "it was okay... busy as usual... one of my patients said this that was rather funny..." and then we'll move on to whats for dinner!!!
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    I live alone so i don't talk to anyone! i have 2 friends/acquaintances who are nurses When we talk we might share stories. I usually go on this site and talk aka complain. other people do not understand, want to hear it or get it, even things i think are funny . if i tell an "outsider" about a awful night it would take too long to explain why it was awful, funny, etc what everything means etc .
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    Quote from exit96
    I am a guy, which predisposes me to the " not so talkative type." Whether it be Nursing or my past life jobs, I may be very vague and am really not bogged won with living in the past. I may expound upon, ever so briefly, how my arse got kicked last night, but there are more enjoyable things for me to tend to, like playing my guitar, or whatever. By contrast, when my S.O. Talks about her work day and who does this and who does that I tune the out...bbooooorrrrriiiinnnnngggggg!
    I have met plenty of guys who talk alot! most of them seem quiet to others too. maybe i make people so comfortable they can't shut up. i grew up in homes where pretty much every thing was tuned out and no one wanted to hear it so i figured most people do not like to listen to others talk. i think i am right. some people like to hear themselves go on and on . no one cares most people are just "too polite " to say it
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    I have 2 groups of friends. Engineers and Healthcare. You bet we talk about the crazy stories we encounter.

    My fiance and I also talk daily about what happens. It allows us both to learn off each other. She is in a different hospital and unit than mine so we are able to share a lot. But we can only do so for the first bit of either of us getting home. After that, nope.
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    I talk to my husband now and then but the stuff I most need to talk out seems to frustrate, frighten and/or confuse him, so most of the time I just keep it to myself. My best friend is a nurse, so I can talk to her when things really get bad.
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