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Hello fellow nurses;-) my DH and I went to visit his mother in the hosp today...this was her 2nd day, dx dehydration. she is pleasant late 80s with pretty severe dementia. Very nice hospital, quiet,,,no one rushing... Read More

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    Quote from NoviceRN10
    You are in for a big surprise when you actually become a nurse . Techs/aides are becoming a luxury and total patient care is more prevalent than you apparently have a clue about. Not in ICU, but on many other acute care floors.
    And when you actually have a tech, it doesn't mean that they'll actually DO anything. :icon_roll

    I was in the ICU for my final clinical preceptorship thing this fall. We had a float secretary one day. I thought that dietary had forgotten my patient's tray because it wasn't in the cart. Turned out that the secretary had passed them out and was confused when all the nurses were thanking her. "Don't they usually do that up here? They're supposed to!"
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    Quote from another one
    IT SICKENS ME that i should be expected to not get a break in 13 hours just so patients can get a bath. yes i have done that MANY MANY times. and will continue to do it but it sickens me to no end. it make the cycle worse in the long term.
    I agree! It is a never ending cycle. I wish I had an answer. I am beginning to believe more and more that collective bargaining may be the only answer. I was never a strong proponent of unions, I thought we could work it out, but the opinion has slowly changed to now I feel that the only choice is to collective bargain like police, firefighters, and airline pilots.

    I used to have faith that the hospital administrators recognized who made the bottom line......the patients and those who cared for them. It is with a heavy heart that I have to recognize that they don't care for anything other than money.

    But I don't feel the patients should suffer because administrations have the morals of alley cats. For braking the federal labor laws one could always file a class action suit...but there are more nurses afraid of retaliation and the loss of their jobs, than would sign on for the task. I choose my protest to be that they will not make the patients suffer......
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    Quote from RNnbakes
    I think we need people to have RN or LPN to their name before they can post on actual working conditions of real life nurses. We are not talking of NCLEX hospital here. I am sure when most student nurses graduated they were aiming to do the best for their patients but when you start working as a nurse and are responsible to a million things, you learn to make sure your patient is breathing at the end of the shift.
    I just worked 3 days in a row and I dont want a student graduating in 5 minutes telling me about how they could have done my job better.
    That is why I have "caregiver" in my name and try to be careful of what I give my opinions on, even if I have an opinion. There are some things I have no business commenting on.

    But how could you actually PROVE who has RN or LPN at the end of their name (and what about the CNAs?) People can become anyone on the Internet. How would you prove who is who?
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    Quote from caregiver1977
    But how could you actually PROVE who has RN or LPN at the end of their name (and what about the CNAs?) People can become anyone on the Internet. How would you prove who is who?
    you really can't prove anything.
    but you can get a sense if the poster knows what they're talking about...or not.

    cargiver, i enjoy your posts.

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    4.0? REALLY? Spelling must not be emphasized at your college. Don't assume what the staff is doing at the nurses' station. You don't know what the rest of their shift has involved. I'm not staying over playing catchup because I was combing hair, etc. And I'm not doing it when I haven't been to the restroom all night.

    People are surviving illnesses and injuries that were fatal 10 or 20 years ago. As a result, our patients are much sicker, requiring more nursing care. CNA's are valuable, if only we have them. Often, they are 1:1 with confused patients, leaving the nurses with total care.
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