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I have been a nurse for 3 years. I worked in neuro ICU and then switched to PACU in hopes of being happier. I am also 1 year into NP school. I have good weeks and bad weeks but it seems like the... Read More

  1. by   AsheggRN-BSN
    I for sure have my days of regret, some days I really question my decision to become a nurse. There will always be bad days and good days, to me the good days out weigh the bad even if there is more bad days then good. Truly making a difference in a persons life is so fulfilling to me, even if its something small. I struggle the most with whether or not I made the right call going back after my LPN for my RN-BSN, the student loan debt really piled on and I was happy working in the facility I worked in with the same residents I got to see everyday and basically get to know as family. Although I do make more and have more skills and I am also proud of my degree and what I have accomplished some days I feel maybe more isn't always better.

    Hang in there you will find something that is a good fit for you, whether its a department or doing something else as you further your education.
  2. by   Daisy4RN
    I think that the answer to that question depends on the type of nursing job you are able to obtain. Hospital nursing, in most cases, is bad and only gets worse everyday. I have seen many changes over the years and 99% have not been good! I think any hospital nurse would be happier elsewhere but not everyone is able to get those jobs for various reasons and no fault of their own. You stated you are continuing your Ed toward NP, I would do that and be happy that you can. If I had to do over I would have continued ED so I wouldn't have to work bedside so long. Good luck!!
  3. by   Daisy4RN
    Quote from oneof5
    I am regretting it right now, because I have been falsely accused of drug diversion while on a travel assignment. I am regretting every hour that I spent in this career because I am bitter and angry AND heartbroken that an organization that loves to throw around that phrase, "we have a huge nurse diversion problem here at this hospital" is falsely accusing people of drug diversion. I am angry that I may loose my license, I am angry that I missed many things that my kids did while growing up because I was giving my all to this profession. I am angry that I may have to start all over again doing something else because I am 52 years old and never once took or stole narcotics and NEVER EVER even thought of doing it. I should be putting my income into my retirement not trying to figure out how I am going to pay for another college degree. I regret the hell out of it!!!! If I am lucky enough to keep my license, I will never take care of another patient again. I will do something completely difference until I don't have to punch a time clock again. Hospitals are battling the nursing shortage, THEY are the cause of the nursing shortage!
    I am sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope you have obtained a lawyer to fight the charges. I wish you well!!
  4. by   djh123
    Yeah. Sometimes. Kinda. I regret more the way my 'career path' has gone than nursing itself, and no, that wasn't all my fault - I had some age discrimination and some other weird experiences in trying to find my initial job. But I'm going to do something different/better soon (still in nursing), hopefully.
  5. by   Zyprexa
    I do regret becoming a nurse, I was planning to get into advanced practice - PMHNP or even CRNA....but if I don't like being a nurse, why should I go for advanced practice? I've only ever worked in healthcare (caregiver, CNA, tech, RN), and I really, really need a change. I'm feeling myself get more burned out with each shift. I do enjoy my psych patients though

    There's hope that I will be getting into another career soon (fingers crossed!)
  6. by   connectchoicecareme
    [QUOTE=connectchoicecareme;9510837]I never regretted been a nurse.In order to be happy in nursing.You must love what you do.If you are in the profession just for money you will be miserable.You have to love the profession and money and happiness will become your reward.
    Think about it nursing gives you the connection to so many people nurses,doctors,dysfunctional families,happy families.Nursing give you the opportunity to have choices.Nursing give you the opportunity to care for me and to care for so many people that you have never met and that you wouldn't have met if you are not a nurse. How cool is that?
    Nursing is the way to go if you are caring,compassionate,organized,willing and ready to face challenges,make changes in other people lives and in your own life.
    Philomena N Okeke,RN,BSN,MSN.[/QUOTE Nursing is like marriage if you marry the right person.He will love and take good care of you.If you marry the wrong man,it becomes enslavement.So find your niche.If you feel that is not working out for you make changes. Separate and look for a conducive environment.You have a toxic manager,colleagues that are backstabber,make changes.Just like you will do in a bad marriage. If the hit in the kitchen is too much,get out.Do not stay only to loose the license that you worked so hard for.Or you end up killing someone because you are so miserable and made mistakes.
    Nursing is beautiful and I love it.
  7. by   prnqday
    Nope. No regrets
  8. by   connectchoicecareme