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Hello everybody. I can not think of a better place to ask this questions other than a forum full of what I believe to be Gods angels in human form. In your experience taking care of the injured... Read More

  1. by   curiousbeing89
    Hi everyone! I'm new in Allnurses.

    I read this article and ended up amazed reading this thread.

    Are those experiences real? Do they happen often or just once in a while?

    Thank you all for your great work!!
  2. by   ERadmitting
    Hi everyone, i work in admitting in an ER. I just found this blog, the subject of which I have been interested for a long time. i wanted to tell you about a doctor whom went into hospice care because of what he had experienced with patients at the end of their lives. Here is a link to an interview with him. He also wrote a few books on hospice deathbed experiences which you can find on amazon. I think you will find him very interesting. Link to interview: Learning from the Light: Pre-Death Experiences ~ Dr. John Lerma - YouTube

    I would love to hear more experiences!