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It is with a heavy heart that we announce the loss of one of our most beloved members, Daytonite. Daytonite was instrumental in working with the nursing students here at She... Read More

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    Didnt know about this till now.. she certainly helped me during my nursing school days and Ive always thought she was a male. Rest easy Daytonite and God bless.
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    RubyVee is still alive and kicking
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    Quote from GrnTea
    RubyVee is still alive and kicking
    Where is she? I haven't seen her post for so long.
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    She posted awhile back that she is undergoing treatment for Cancer.

    I imagine that she has more pressing issues than posting here.

    We just hope she is doing well.
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    . Tell her she's missed!
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    I loved that she was always genuine, helpful and down to earth, no matter what the subject.
    I miss that.
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    I am a current nursing student. I used Daytonites posts since i started school last year as a guidline for my careplans. they were so amazing...
    I just went to message her with a question and found this.

    So sorry she is no longer here, however, if anyone, including her is still reading this, i would like to say thank you. Even after she was gone she has helped me so much with my care plans.
    God Bless