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I am interested in this program and would like to hear both good and bad from anyone is has gone or is currently attemding Chamberlain.:heartbeat... Read More

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    Thanks for the reply...I'm an RN...19 yrs now! I am just looking into doing the online thing...Was curious if anyone has had any issues! Thanks for the advice!

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    Hello everyone. This info has been very helpful! Thanks! Im thinking of doing Chamberlain, Kent State, Univ of Saint Mary, or Sacred Heart.....this is such a big decision!!! Any comments on any of these programs would be greatly appreciated!
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    I too am wondering about Chamberlain. If I do the fast track online but do not need all of the courses, as I have taken a few elsewhere, can I simply pick as many or as few as I want per session? I know there are not clinicals but what are the learning experiences that I have heard mentioned? I'm wondering if they are community health projects, working with a preceptor, etc? Any information would be greatly appreciated!
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    I'm currently a student at Chamberlain. I've taken 2 nursing courses and am now working on my General Education requirements. Chamberlain is generous with transfer credits. It will take me about 2 years to finish, as I'm only taking 1 course at a time. This is my choice, as I'm working full time. There's a lot of writing involved. Each course lasts only 8 weeks. I'm very happy with the program.
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    I am down to my last 2 classes. There are only 3 courses that have any "experiential" component. In Community Health, you have to select 4 local agencies and then interview the director and write it up. No big deal. In Collaborative Healthcare, you have to find a mentor, either a current Nurse Manager or has been one, and meet with them to discuss 4 topics. I am not sure what you do in the Capstone course (the last one), but I believe it's a project.
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    Thank you so much for explaining the experiential projects! That helps me and others who will read this thread to understand what they involve. And thank you susannyc for your response as well. I wish you all the best as you pursue your nursing career goals!
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    I am considering this program and work full time M-F
    Is it doable in one year?
    How much time did you spend a week in studies?
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    That depends on how many courses you have to take. Each course is 2 months long. I spend between 5 to 6 hours per week on each course. I work full time and only take 1 course during each 2 month semester. Each week, there is a lecture as well as text book assignments to read. The student also has to participate in 2 discussions each week, a minimum of 3 x in each discussion on 3 different days, beginning no later than Wednesday. There are papers, usually 2 or 3 during the course period. Some courses also require a midterm and final.

    I really enjoy the program. I started in Sept 2008, and should finish in Oct. 2010.

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