Cold objects and thermal energy: The Nurse's Explanation

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  2. Hot objects have fast-moving energy particles. Cold object's energy particles are slower. If the Nurse places the cold stethoscope (A) on the warm Patient (B), the fast-moving particles of B transfer energy to the slower-moving particles of A resulting in B's jump through the roof. Because B particles now lose some of their kinetic energy to A particles, B particles start to move more slowly. This causes the temperature of B to fall and suddenly plunge back to the bed. Before long, A and B have the same temperature.

    It all boils down (no pun intended) to this: Don't touch your patient, who is already in pain, with a cold stethoscope because it can ruin the tiles on the ceiling.

    What results have you seen when dealing with a patient's pain and the application of cold objects?

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    Thanks to scuba nurse for the caption. Our latest $100 winner!!
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    Congratulations, scuba nurse!
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    Taking a premie diaper and opening the top of it and filling it with ice to make a pretty darn good cool/ice pack for anything rectal or scrotal area that's either abscessed or has a surgical incision in it! Fits beautifully into some hospital provided mesh underwear.

    I have always worked with adults as a nurse but learned this little trick as a float CNA years ago....