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Hello, I work in a Medical office as a LVN in a small time. The office is family practice, peds, and OB GYN. When we have a code blue everybody goes to the code, so picture 10 MD, 4 LVNS, and 50 MAs responding to a code. CAn... Read More

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    Hmmmm. I guess if you are like really rural.

    Now don't laugh too hard, but are you confident of any of your docs in a code situation? I'm being serious.
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    onaclearday- yes, most doctors clinic doctors are not the best people to have around for a code. Usually the RN has to tell them what to do and we pretend like the Dr. thought of the idea. We are not rural. We are in Modesto, CA. And our clinic is right across the street from the hospital. But you know how protocols are, 911 county still needs to be called. Our clinic was once small and has grown fast and they are a bit behind in the times. So this is why I knew we need to implement a code team.
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    I have to kind of worry about a clinic that has so many codes that the nurses "call the shots." Sure, in an ICU/ED you see this, but if the clinic nurses are that well versed in how to run a code, then that's a clinic with either a lot of bad luck or something else going on.
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    I'd set up a meeting with the MD director over at the ER across the street. Figure out a plan, and what they might recommend you all do.

    I don't think then that ACLS is appropriate. Just be sure everybody can BLS with ambu/02 and you've got a good AED that everybody is practiced on. Maybe change your code responders once monthly. Have them practice response right at the beginning of the month so there is no hesitation. If one of the group of say maybe 4 people needs to not be at work for some reason, they need to be sure they notify before calling in or leave or whatever that they are on the team, and someone must be put on the team in their stead.
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    Interesting info.
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    I'm outpatient oncology and we occasionally have emergency situations. We have an AED, O2, meds, etc. No one is ACLS. They will call an MD to the area and usually there are 4-5 nurses there. Someone calls 911. We've started compressions twice and bagged patients based on what the AED told us to do. Often it is the non-clinical nurses who respond (managers, etc) because floor nurses are just too busy. We aren't organized, but it works.

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