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CNN Money published several nursing articles this morning regarding the job shortage for new grads based on information they got from allnurses members. FULL ARTICLE: For nursing jobs, new grads need not apply... Read More

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    I too am sorry that so many are experiencing this. Hopefully this will bring to light the real struggles new nurses are facing.
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    Kind of depressing. I'm applying to an accelerated program now and hoping that volunteering and clinic rotations pay off eventually.
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    Thank you for letting us know that the article came out! I've been waiting for it ever since Brian's post asking for new grads to share their stories.
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    How things have changed. I recently moved to a new state and went to a job fair to see what was available. I witnessed the same issue with new grads. Almost everyone there was a new grad. As someone with umpteen years experience I was offered positions in management even though my experience in those areas was not recent. It didn't give me a lot of comfort. Is it lack of clinical hours in nursing school these days?

    I decided to start my own business in clinical skincare and so glad I did.
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    Just came from CNN and that article and spent a good hour replying to misinformed posters providing correct information and education. Do spend some time over there and post in reply to give correct information for CNNs readers and do it without emotion please! Just the facts Jack.

    There are a lot of the usual posters who have no experience in the industry posting as well as those who stand to profit from encouraging people to enroll in their programs.

    I am not kidding when I tell you that those who profit from this scam will be posting contrary and ridiculous posts because this is a threat to their scam.
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    Oh yes, and please tweet out the link.
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    Sadly, this shortage of nursing jobs for new grads is nothing new. Just yesterday, I was talking to a nurse who graduated from my program six years ago. Half of her class did not have jobs upon graduation despite going to a reputable BSN program...two years before the recession.Nice to see the truth finally coming to light to the public. Everytime I tell people I am in nursing school, they mention the big bucks and the wealth of job opportunities. I snicker on the inside at their ignorance.Great post, OP.
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    Thanks for taking the time to defend the article.

    Hopefully the article will stay active for a few days.
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    I am so sorry new grads are still going through this.

    When I graduated in 2009, the economy had just tanked, and not many of my classmates got jobs in our large urban area. I am glad I wasted no time and moved to an undesirable rural area in order to start my career. There are opportunities out there for new grads - but many of them seem to be in undesirable places. Makes me think of a remote, rural tribal hospital I know of that is only hiring BSN grads with at least one year of experience - the market has gotten that fussy.
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    Quote from ixchel
    Just read the article. Wish it came out a few months ago. I lost points on an assignment for saying there is a shortage for new grads. Apparently isn't a reliable enough source

    School do not want their students to learn that there is no "nursing shortage" because it would decrease enrollment and drop their bottom line.
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