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    Anyone have advice on taking the CNL exam? I have looked through all the AACN material that is is just so much information. Is there anyone out there that can narrow the field down a bit? Thank you!
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    CNL= ?
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    Quote from roser13
    CNL= ?
    Clinical Nurse Leader?
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    Critical Nurse Liaison?
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    I am looking for advice on the Clinical Nurse Leader exam. Thank you
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    I didn't know that a CNL exam existed. I thought that most universities offered the CNL as a masters for non nurses to get into nursing. Those students take the NCLEX just like ASN and BSN students. When I looked up the AACN web site I could not find anything about a CNL test. The AACN offerers certification in CNS (clinical nurse specialist). Is this what you are doing?
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    To use the credentials "CNL" you must pass the exam offered at the end of the degree program. The AACN has information on the exam

    I am looking for additional advice...anyone out there???
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    I will be sitting for the CNL exam myself in August. Two of my cohort have taken it, and passed, thinking it was not as hard as the NCLEX. I purchased the sample exam on the AACN- it is $50.00 and I have mixed feelings about if it was worth it- It is 40 questions of multiple choice, and one scenario- where you are selecting what you would do next- this is essentially 'select all that apply'. I 'passed' this sample exam- but felt it was so short, I'm not sure it is enough.

    One instructor suggested you pick 3 different scenarios ie: CHF, head injury or trauma, DKA- for example... and talk through them or make your own sheet- using your notes from your med/surg classes to review- what you might do next, what are the aspects of each of these cases...

    In addition, the exam covers things like risk- analysis, change theory, dealing with conflict, how you might perform as a charge nurse... we had a class that dealt with these aspects our last semester, so I will be studying these notes...

    Hope this helps...
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    Did you pass?
    What should I study? I just finished my CNL and plan to goitn to take the exam soon. There are any think I need to focus on.

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    Take it THIS week, so we shall see- I don't know yet, but was encouraged by the few that took it ( and the professor who did take it) that it should be 'common sense' in the scenario part-and is no nearly as hard as the NCLEX.
    I am just reviewing the NCLEX kaplan notes, and the leading/managing book I had- things like risk analysis, and how you would go about analysis of a problem, and getting people to buy into the need for change...

    at least we will know right away!