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How do hospital CNA's get report? Is it just between CNA/CNA or does the CNA hear report with the RN? If it's CNA to CNA, what is discussed? How long does it take? ( I know census can make a difference. I'm looking for... Read More

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    Quote from morgain C

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Morgain. I'm currently waiting on my letter from CCRI for the CNA program that should start this month. So I have gone online and looked up all the CNA abbreviations that I could find and might learn in class. I have learned 300 hundred or so abbreviations. My question is do you think I can buy the CNA textbooks and work book that will be used in class? Yes, I know most people think im crazy for thinking about doing work even though I havent been completely accepted in the program yet but I had trouble in high school so im just trying to get ahead. I also have a 18 month old son and take care of my grandma who had a stroke last yr alone. I was told that the textbooks and work books that im trying to get now is free if I just wait. if someone could just please respond back to this I would be greatly appreciated. I will be calling the school in a few hours to see what they say too. Any kind of extra help I can get will be great. Thanks for all you all's time.

    Morgain C
    Kind of the wrong thread to post this on Morgain, but I would say that if your program says you are going to need the books, and then they tell you that you will get the books for free, you might as well wait and get your acceptance letter and free books.

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    I get report from the nurses and not CNA, things/ orders might change anytime and the nurse is the one who knows best.
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    WHen I worked at the hospital, aides and nurses who were coming on got the same report - the previous shift charge nurse recorded the report on a tape recorder, then the oncoming shift sat in the dining room and listened to it together. I liked doing it this way because everyone got all the same information, while the previous shift staff were still on the floor.
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    When i was a CNA at the hospital, we did CNA report off to CNA. They took a total of maybe 15 minutes for all their patients. RN's took longer cause we had to go over more.

    However, it has changed. Since i recently became an RN the CNA now does rounds with the two RNs doing report. So When we do rounds in the morning or at night, it is the oncoming nurse and the oncoming CNA. We had to do this because we do report around 6:30pm, and when we were all busy giving report, we found that patients were being left "unattended to" for that 30 minutes as we were all busy in patients rooms. Our falls were highest around 6:30-7:00pm. So, now we have it that the CNAs from the previous shift watch for call lights and take patients to bathroom etc. While the RNs, oncoming RNs and oncoming CNAs get report.

    It sounded great on paper, but it really isn't working. Mainly because our CNAs may be paired with 2-3 RNs so we have to wait for our CNA to be done getting report from the other pair of RNs so we can start ours. They have to round on 8 patients, we have to round on 4. So really, i round with 4 and wait for my CNA to get down rounding on 4. It makes SBAR go twice as long, and i usually end up staying 20 minutes past the time im supposed to punch out.

    The system is flawed and we need to work this out!
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    We take report with the RNs. They do it quickly to say who is NPO, who needs urine tests and things like that, and then they go into more detail with the oncoming RN.
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    On my hospital floor, we do CNA-CNA report. We have 7-10 pts and go over our report sheet with the oncoming tech. We go over dx, whether they are continent/incontinent, if they have any changes in vital signs (we do q4 but sometimes we have some pts who are q8 or orthostatic, etc), if they are ac/hs glucoses, whether or not they are on contact precautions, bed alarms/falls precautions, if they are NPO, any other thing we feel is important to get your work done & have a good shift (regarding how the day/night went, their mood, who is going to sit on the call bell, etc.) Our reports generally take about 5-10 minutes. Our techs are all really good and our report sheets are pretty detailed which is nice.

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