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  1. What is a clinical associate in a hospital? and what are the job requirments?
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  3. by   GilaRRT
    Hmmm, new terminology for my experiences in the States. In South Africa, a clinical associate is a physician assistant like provider.
  4. by   kfarinato
    I am a Clinical Associate in a hospital. It's basically a CNA, with EKG and phlebotomy thrown in. Other facilities may call it a PCT, or Tech. All mean the same. I am now a CA in the operating room and it is basically glorified housekeeping, minimal patient contact, but I get to observe procedures when I have time.
  5. by   Whispera
    I think the definition depends on where you work and it could be anything. When I was in nursing school, I worked as a Clinical Associate in a hospital. That just meant I was doing CNA work, but was a nursing student, and got paid better than CNAs (and got to learn nursely things on the job too).
  6. by   kristinahcna
    Thank you guys so much I have an interview for a clinical associate position this week. I am an CNA and I checked the job requirments before I filled out the application I was certain I was qualified for it but I had never heard the title before, so I wanted to double check with some of my fellow healthcare workers
  7. by   kristinahcna
    can anybody remember what kind of questions they asked at your interview for that position?