Clinic nurses: If 1 million people join this group....

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    This is an effort (albeit, one that most likely will fail) to add another specialty category for nurses on this site.

    Clinic nurse.

    What is that? A doctor's office nurse? An outpatient nurse? A patient education-ator? A fake real nurse? A dying breed?

    I submitted a request to the suggestions forum to add this category to the immense list that already exists. my idea was not "shut down" immediately, but I was told that there needed to be an interest expressed by others on this site... and suggested I started a thread

    I know that long posts tend to cause glazed conjunctiva, so I will keep this as short as possible.

    When I was in school, I always knew what field of nursing I wanted to be in. I wanted to be up to my arms in blood, heroically saving lives. To make a long story short... the economy.
    I am thankful for my job, and surprisingly, I am learning to love it.

    I am not running with gurneys at mach1 speed down a hall, but I do occasionally have a bag of samples thrown at me. It is still dramatic in it's own way.

    So what am I requesting? If you support my cause (whether you are a baby catcher, Code runner, almighty EKG wielder, struggling student or just a clinic nurse) post a response. Explain why we should have our own section, or why not, or simply post a question, story about clinic nurses. Simply by doing so, you stand by our side

    If this wasn't meant to be, this thread will be buried in a matter of days, but you never know if you don't try!

    5 Reasons that I think clinic nurses should have a new category

    1. I feel that we have an extremely high tendency to be mistaken for non-licensed professionals. I am not an MA, Nursing student, tech or any variation of the above...I'm A BSN. Allnurses can help us validate our nursing status!
    2. Patient's and their families yell, scream and blame us for everything under the sun too. We need a place to vent.
    3. I assist minor surgeries, biopsies, procedures related to our specialty. I do not just take patient histories all day. Everyone could benefit from learning about this type of nursing (vast and varied) and what is involved
    4. There is a very vast range of nursing specialties on Allnurses, under the specialty tab. To be honest, I am sad that some of them (and very obscure some are indeed) are listed and clinic/outpatient nurse isn't
    5. I am a clinic nurse, and I'm lonely here
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    Agreed! I am not a clinic nurse but I have been looking for jobs in this field. If there was a section I think it would be very helpful to not only the clinic nurses to vent but for us "outsiders" to get a feel for the issues/frustrations facing clinic nurses before we make a jump into a new realm of nursing. Go you
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    I would like to see this. I do work in a hospital but moonlight at a free clinic. It definitely lends itself to less resources so others' experiences can be very valuable.
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    Thanks for your support
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    Haha: "if 1 million people join this group..." Those are lofty goals considering not even 1/2 that are members of! I am not a clinic nurse, but it sounds like they should have their own group! Good luck!
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    No one should be lonely on allnurses. I vote yes!
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    I'm a clinic nurse too. I vote yes. Write me anytime. We can vent.
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    I am not a clinic nurse, but maybe someday! Allnurses should be ashamed for shooting you down. Get to work and make another section for them already!
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    I vote yes. I'm not a clinic nurse and I am glad to see my specialty on here. I bet the clinic nurses would like to see their specialty too. Lets give it to 'em.
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    :heartbeatGreat idea! Good luck to ya!:heartbeat
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