Clear Mucous like poop

  1. What do you make of this??? I am a new LPN working at a SNF. Have a resident that for the past few days has only passed clear, odorless, mucous like bowel movements. (Heard it has actually been going on for at least a week, he's not my resident) No diarrhea, no vomitting and pain has been hard to nail down because he is forgetful and often has pain. I immediately think bowel obstruction. I palpate his abdomen. He has a large, solid feeling mass in the upper right quad. He is a rather large man. Further research in his chart reveals that he has been losing weight steadily the past few months, however this month has gained almost 15#'S. No bowel sounds around mass but other quadrants have sounds. The dr. is phoned and he absolutely does not think it is a bowel obstruct. He orders a KUB and enulose 30ml now (this was yesterday( and 30 ml BID. Today the results come back that show there is a possible volvulus. We send him to the hosp. where they do an xray and a cat scan (with the swallow). They send him back and say he needs more fiber, there's nothing wrong, colon may be a little looped. Within a couple hours he has a bowel movement. It is now mucous, oily tinged brown. (obviously the enulose is seeping passed carrying a little feces.) He has had intestinal surgery before so I figured there is an adhesion causing the blockage but the hosp. dr. says no, nothing to worry about. Send back when he has pain etc. Abdomen is still hard. What the heck is going on? I like this guy, he's not that old. Could it be a paralytic ileus? Has anyone seen this? Does anyone else think this is a big deal? Or am I just paranoid? Any insight is appreciated. I always learn from this group. thanks
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  3. by   locolorenzo22
    I too am interested to see what this could be, as I had a patient over the weekend at the hospital who was also having this conditon. She was alzheimers, wouldn't eat/drink, would only take small (like 2 bites) of pudding, and would swallow water after biting mouthswabs...thinking she was biting our fingers...and told us so.
  4. by   Okami_CCRN
    I had a patient who had the same BM we took a sample and sent it to lab and it turned out to be C. Diff. That was our case anyways
  5. by   gentlegiver
    I agree, sounds like C-Diff. send a sample out to the lab for testing.
  6. by   Agnus
    Sounds like an obstruction to me. Please, up date us when you learn what this is.
  7. by   worldqueenie
    He has none of the other c-diff symptoms like diarrhea or cramping. No weakness, dehydration, fever, nausea, vomiting or even blood in his stool / feces. Eats normal, keeps going in but it's not going out. I think they sent a sample, haven't heard results yet. thanks for the comments. Will keep you posted.
  8. by   CalsMom
    I also had a patient at one time with similar bowel movements-turned out to be c.diff.
  9. by   ADA13001
    Today at clinicals I had a patient 2 days post op TKA. He had a BM, the only problem was it was mucous, no feces at all, had a little odor, but I dont think it was as bad as feces. I asked the prim nurse if they are getting a sample, and she just said no. She had no idea why this is happening. Any ideas?
  10. by   gentlegiver
    I have had pt's with this, it was C-Diff, caught before it got bad enough for other symptoms. Send out sample.
  11. by   CoffeeRTC
    Just about same thing with a pt in our SNF. This person does have a hx of obstruction/ impactions but no one can figure out why. Loose stools, feeling like he is full, abd distention that gets worse when eating. A week or two ago, he starts vomiting, set to the hospital and you would thing they would at least do a colonoscopy, but according to him..none was done (he had one a month or so ago) but the doc said he needs to get his colon removed.
    He is being treated for Cdiff too (still can't find the positive lab result)

    So....Im thinking both...cdif and some type of obstruction.
  12. by   Moneypitt
    There is a lot of mucous that covers the lining of the stomache and I believe the intestine. It will make it's way to the bowel and I see it post op on patients after being npo and then having clear liquids for a day.

    But for the guy who is eating and not pooping- he needs an enema or two.
  13. by   Magsulfate
    It does sound like something is going on. What you need to do is continue to document in qoutes what you are reporting to the doctor and what he is telling you. QOUTES. in the nursing notes. Do not skimp on these notes, something is going on with this patient. If you ever feel like this,, it is most important to make sure that you clearly inform the doctor of your suspicions. Even though you are "just the nurse" you have a license to hold and protect.. and a patient to advocate for. Don't ever forget that. Doctors make mistakes all the time, that's what nurses are for,, to help them remember to not make them again.. lol
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