CHOC 2018 Spring Residency - page 2

I have been anxiously waiting for CHOC to open their application period for a summer start date to their new grad residency program!! I thought I would start this thread to keep us all up to date!... Read More

  1. by   Ari0
    I put my clinicals in my resume attached to my profile. Hope that helps
  2. by   camilles93
    I felt my resume could possibly be over looked as well but I feel it is such a vital part of an interview process if an employer wants to invite you in, I can't imagine them not looking at that. I have experience as ancillary staff in a children's hospital and did not list my clinicals in the application itself. I'm trusting that they will definitely look at everything our anxiety is just getting to us! Trying to land our first jobs is very stressful!
  3. by   pedsmentalhealthRN
    i'll be applying to the mental health unit! anyone else, or which units are you applying to?