Chem 7 vs. BMP/CMP

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    I read an order the other day for a "Chem 7" and didn't know what it was. I don't remember learning about this in school. My coworker told me this is the same as a BMP or CMP (I can't remember which one it was). Is this true??



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    Ch7 = BMP

    Ch20 = CMP
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    the BMP (basic metabolic panel) is chem 7s' equivalent.
    it entails:

    glucose, ca+, na+, k+, c02, chloride, bun, creatinine.

    CMP (comprehensive metabolic panel) was formerly known as chem 12 and includes:

    glucose, ca+, albumin, tp, na+, k+, c02, chloride, bun, creatinine, alp, alt, ast and bilirubin.

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    What I was told by the person who trained me as a unit clerk was this:

    Chems 1-7=BMP
    Chems 8 and up=CMP
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    Chem 7=BMP and Chem 20=CMP.
    The old names haven't been used in quite a number of years. I was told in school that the names changed because of changes in Medicare billing/coding. For instance, it is necessary to have the appropriate diagnosis code to justify ordering CMPs every 12 hours when you should really just be ordering a K+ and a Mg.
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    I've always had a doctor order "limites lytes." That was his super nifty term for BMP :rolls eyes:
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    It seems the change came about 1995 or so when Medicare decided to consolodate all the various shortcuts into one definite panel. I was told they no longer would pay for SMAC, SMA16, SMA3, Lytes etc. Ergo BMP and CMP.

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