Career in physical therapy vs. nursing..

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    Thoughts, experiences, advice, anything?

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    This forum would be a very biased place to pose that type of question. After all, the vast majority of individuals who post here are either nurses or aspiring nurses. No physical therapists will be here to present a more balanced picture of their profession. It's just some food for thought.
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    I know, but I figured nurses work around them all the time and are probably even friends with some, and could at least provide an "outside looking in" opinion, if nothing else, on how they seem to enjoy their job and the pros/cons as opposed to nursing. What they do, how they're treated in the hospital, job satisfaction, opportunities, just anything really.. just curious! I didn't know where else to ask... has a forum but it's very inactive.
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    Biased or not, I'm an R.N. that has been thinking about going into P.T. or O.T.

    The shift work, the lost Holidays, the notoriously short staffing, the constant physical and mental strains/demands, the tremendously and ever increasing amounts of paperwork, overtime, the long scheduled streaches, placating every department and personality whim and demand, and the politics that go with Nursing has left me jaded.

    I had a discussion with an Associate Degreed P.T. tech. She revealed that her salary was comprarable to mine, her schedule was definately better and more manageable, and her employee benefits matched mine.

    Hmmmm, what am I missing here?
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    Thank you very much for your reply!
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    anyone else?
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    I guess it all comes down to what it is that you really want to do with your life. Look closely at the types of work available for those in each profession, their career choices, the way they spend their time, etc. Then choose the one that suits you best.

    From my perspective, it seems that nursing offers more options and variety in the types of work that one can choose to do. I would get very bored doing the same thing (or very similar things) year after year after year. That's why I like nursing. A nurse can switch specialties and job functions fairly easily -- and build on past experience to climb up the ladder to better pay and better hours. While I am sure there is some of that in PT or OT, I don't think there are as many options easily available.
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    I'm sorry to burst any bubbles on PTs but their job is very monotonous; especially range of motion exercises and hard on one's joints to perform on a daily basis and boring.
    However, I have known some amazing PTs get people up in a chair quick PTs that have me awed by their skill...but I still question if their back is complaining to them at night..

    OK OK us nurses suffer back troubles too(ie transfering patients/pulling them up in bed), but we don't spend all our time doing monotanous strenous physical work, do we?!!! ever work ortho?
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    pt s at a facility where i worked at had a starting income of just under $100k..
    work they did consisted of planning with md of programs for specific pts, they supervised pt techs, worked with hr interviewing hirees, fired, evaluated for raises etc

    they worked m-f, usually set own hours, would come in very rarely on w/e to talk with families and sometimes to catch up with paperwork

    pt school is very difficult to get into..they have something like 120 slots to fill...there was another school in new orleans but this was before katrina so i don't know if it is functioning at this time

    everybody has to choose their own work preferences..and we all work together
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    Quote from TeleRNer
    I'm sorry to burst any bubbles on PTs but their job is very monotonous; especially range of motion exercises and hard on one's joints to perform on a daily basis and boring.
    yes, that did kind of "burst my bubble" a little bit... i guess i thought it was more exciting than that.

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