Can't find local hands on CPR anywhere, would love suggestion please.

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    Just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions for a hands on CPR class in the Ft.Myers/Cape Coral, Fl. area. I have already been to american red cross with no luck. Unless I'm doing something wrong. I'm preparing to return to nursing and can only find tons of info on online cpr. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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  3. by   Ayvah
    local community colleges should offer it routinely, otherwise check out the firehouse
  4. by   GinaDecorRN
    Ask your local lifeguards or firemen. I found my class at the American Red Cross and was surprised how many lifeguards were in my class - and it was for professional first responders - medical personnel.
  5. by   Whispera
    Also, most hospitals will offer it in-house for their employees. They often let outsiders take the course too, for a fee. That's how I've renewed mine quite a few times.
  6. by   FORTHELOVEOF!!!!
    Go to the American Heart Association website and type in your location. Where I live the AHA certification is referred over red cross.