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So I had a career. A Good job, made descent money, stable...something was "missing" what did I do? I went and became a nurse. Cut down my hours at work, studied hard and then passed NCLEX and got my license. Yay for me... Read More

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    Thanks everyone. It really is frustrating, but I do know it will be worth it when it works out. For the time being I just have to laugh at the whole situation and wait, patiently. I have tried LTC, SNF, dialysis, hospitals, community hospitals. I have emailed every nurse manager I can get access to, I even emailed the CNO(I do not recommend doing that as the HR lady did call me, to tell me not to email the CNO) , I used all my networking potentials. Seriously I'm exhausted with applying. I got my ACLS, PALS, TNCC, EKG rhythm, and wound care certifications thinking that would give me a leg up, I enrolled in a BSN bridge program and still NADA. Luckily I do still have my old job, although I am in a much lower graded position that I was in before school, I do not know what I would do if I was completely unemployed. Thanks again for all the responses it is nice knowing it is not just me!!

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    You mean you actually get REJECTION EMAILS? Contact?? Acknowledgement that you applied for a job there? Acknowledgement that you breathe?? I don't!
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    The worst is when I get NOTHING and I go back online where I applied, log in and check my Status and it says Completed. I don't even check anymore.
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    Quote from netglow
    and if you are an RN your license will exclude you from the whole deal. Again it's about liability. The example being if you were getting magazines and cokes for family and the patient in that room coded and you did not recognize it, you would very likely legally be held responsible too, because you are a nurse. This is why nurses are not given volunteer positions. It clouds things. You can never say, "Oh, I wasn't working as a nurse" because if you are in a patient care area you will be held to your license.
    Where does this information come from? I'm from one of the most litigious states in America and I can't imagine this scenario. If I'm visiting a patient and I happen to be a licensed RN, will I be sued if I fail to notice that the patient's roommate is coding? What if I'm a retired nurse, are there no retired nurses volunteering in hospitals?
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    And today I saw an ad online that says COME TO THE USA- be a nurse! These companies are bringing foreign people in, sponsoring them and helping them to get their license. I'm sure they don't Validate their employment history, they just bring them here. So frustrating. There are thousands of unemployed/underemployed RNs ready and waiting but yet they keep shipping in people to fill up the hospitals. I have now began checking the minorities box, the male box and the disabilities box. Something will work lol
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    Sorry to hear about your experience so far, it took me about 4 months & having to relocate 6 hours away from home to get a job. In Pittsburgh UPMC has a lot of facilities and they seem to hire new grads all the time maybe you check them out--and they hire nurses with Associates. Good luck to you.
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    It's definitely rare isn't it?

    Quote from redhead_NURSE98!
    You mean you actually get REJECTION EMAILS? Contact?? Acknowledgement that you applied for a job there? Acknowledgement that you breathe?? I don't!
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    I applied for penn st Hershey I am waiting to see if I get selected for an interview. Pa seems to have a lot of options for new grads. I am in las Vegas and there is NOTHING here.
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    I think in certain states they will not accept an RN as a volunteer, not because of if something life threatening happens(Good Samaritan) but just in general you might teach patients or use your nursing skills without even realizing you are doing it which could pose an issue for the hospital since you are not doing it under their protocols. At one rehab facility they only call the MD if a seizure >2 minutes. If I was there watching someone seize, not knowing their protocols, I may intervene in a way that the facility does not support, because I have the knowledge to whereas a layman volunteer would get the nurse immediately and would have very little knowledge of what to do.
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    I'm sorry correction the facility I was referring to does not intervene unless seizure >2 min, they only call MD if seizure >3 minutes. The patients there have TBI or spinal cord injuries.

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