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I have been trying to look up the name of this eye movement, but have not had any luck. Any of you that have experience with this, please chime in. Pt had massive global stroke, younger 50ish. ... Read More

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    For more search results, you might also look at periodic alternating gaze.
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    wow esme, that was a nice comprehensive review!
    Thanks....I love my critical care....
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    Everything that I am looking up mentions nystamus or abscent upward movement of the eye, but nothing that really describes what I was seeing.

    Nerdtonurse, what was the diagnosis with your pt?
    Approximately 20 ft fall out of deer stand and crossbow fired into the back of the pt's head. It's been a while, but what I remember now is that the cerebellum took a hit as the bolt transversed the brain. He made it to us, breathing about 4x minute, eyes going crazy, herniating, bad stuff all around, had fractured pelvis, leg, ribs, etc.. I assumed the rapid eye motions were the equivalent of a stroke victim "looking" at the stroke site, as this guy's brain was tore up. I don't remember the exact areas, but if "Oopsied beyond all repair" was a Nanda diagnosis, this guy would have gotten it.

    The only thing that should come out of a nose is air, snot or an NG tube.

    and BTW, I wish I worked with Esme!
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    actually her head was perfectly stationary. I thought that doll's eye reflex was only when you turned the pt's head and their eyes still looked forward rather than the normal responce which is to turn the eyes to the opposite side of the way the head is turned.

    I think that I found my answer. From what I was reading it is Ping Pong gaze and when it stops is when the herniation reaches the brain stem and the pts die soon afterward.
    oh ewwww. I think I just reached my gross out point. I have never seen anything like this, my few neuro pt's went to surg or recovered to some extent. Still glad for the info. thanks.
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    If I remember right, caloric testing can also induce vomiting in some folks.
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    I wish I worked with Esme too!! I think I'd learn a lot!