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If there is anyone out there who has had to go before the Board of Nursing in their state for allegations, could you kindly e-mail me. I had to. Wanted to do some travel nursing. As it turns out, even after the Board that issues... Read More

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    Do compact states report to noncompact states? I hear about nurses not disclosing their displinary actions on their applications.

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    You have to get local allies where you live. You only have 2 and a half years as a nurse and I think that may be the biggest thing hurting you. When I was disciplined I had much more experience and I knew nurses all over the state including the director of the RNP. You are a true unknown. Go out and make connections. Join the state nursing association.
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    Quote from corbon
    Do compact states report to noncompact states? I hear about nurses not disclosing their displinary actions on their applications.

    That is the whole point of the compact vs non-compact states....... but if you list the compact state on your application as state you have a license in they will report the discipline. Be careful........computers and serches are much improved and businesses are using them more........they fidyou not being truthful you will not work.
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    Just wondering what's happening. I'm going through the process with the board. I'm feeling horrified, embarrassed, and a little hopeless. I'm trying to not build this up in my head to be too big. I have a lawyer. I have disclosed to my new employer. I may only be allowed to work under an R.N. who is present on the premises when I'm working. This would essentially mean I would lose my job. Ugh! I'm just at this I pursue a new career? I don't know.
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    Quote from 79Tango
    You just need to find a Federal Facility... They will honor ANY state license. You will still have to disclose whatever's on your license but then again that is public record.
    Problem, here. Just because they will accept any state license does not mean that they will give you a job. The first question they will ask is "Have there been any actions taken against your license?" etc.

    If anything, many federal agencies are much stricter on who they hire, require a much more encompassing background check, and want personnel to have pristine histories.
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    In Louisiana nurses who make deals with the board do alot better than those using lawyers. The board really comes down hard on those people.
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