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Hi everyone, I'm a nursing student with a patient who has a continuous trach (she's had it for 3 years or so) The tube was changed to a different model during her last hospital stay which was around... Read More

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    Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to respond...I was hesitant to post here since it wasn't the student board but there's really nothing like getting the opinion of the "vets", you guys are awesome! (I thought you ate your young, whats up? )

    I'm definately going to use the advice you guys gave me and hopefully make some headway over the next couple days...if I do, I'll post an update. Thanks again!
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    There are several reason why you may have bleeding from a established tracheostomy sight. If the blood is generally seen on the dressing and not throught the tube itself stomal irritation or granuloma might be the cause. Insufficient humidity to the airway could lead to tracheitis but you would usually see signs of infection with this. Deep or vigorous suctioning, strong coughing or suction pressure to high can cause bleeding. Minor bleeding is really not too much of a concern but the source should be investigated and corrected. If the tube was changed to a different size, style, or length it may not fit well the the patients anatomy and way be causing irritation.

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