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when do you use leukodepleted blood versus untreated blood? what is the difference and what are technology risk? For example, in patients with anemia or for OR?... Read More

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    Quote from deft
    You may have had a wbc reduction filter on the tubing if you use specific ones for transfusion.

    WBCs job = attack foreign materials

    Transfused donor WBCs will attack the patient, but are not replenished by marrow and killed off by the patient's immune system.

    If the patient is immunocompromised/elderly/blah blah .... well i think you get the picture

    There is also the potential that a normal immune system wont recognize donor WBCs as foreign due to genetic similarities.

    In your case, leukoreduction was a preventative measure and if nothing happened then all is well.
    thanks for that, an elderly patient did not react. there was no fever no nada. thanks you helped me have peace of mind

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