Being "Da Man"(or "That Man") In A Overwhelmingly Female Classroom - page 2

Mention to most guys that they could have a job where they could be surrounded by women, make relatively good money, have countless opportunities to make the world a better place, and most would ask "where do I sign up?" Thereís... Read More

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    Good insight
    we have all been there, mine was many years ago now I am one of those "professors" you speak highly of.
    Keep with it, it gets better.

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    My PCT class had 7 females , one male. He quiet, self assured, caring strong and gentle, son of an RN , he is very bright. Also believes in God, Higher power, call it what you want...

    My message is WE NEED MANY MORE MEN TO JOIN THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM! Lord we dont need another mountain, politician, or hard luck story , there's plenty of those to fill the bottomless pit! Its a fact that men and women are in need of care in hospitals, nursing homes and we all need to be aware of things, like men can care for men and women too.

    He taught me thru example how to stay calm, cool collected and quiet in the face of danger or a crisis. We became friends, both working at the same workplace later, not a hospital yet since we needed to have our PCT license for at least a year to be taken seriously and get paid at a better job at a local hospital. I was always in awe of his grace under pressure, quiet reassurrance as a presence in the pts rooms he worked in doing his job properly, not complaining. He must have been an angel in disguise I sometimes wonder, we parted ways when I applied for my dream job, he said he was going to go on to take LPN and RN classes and become a nurse. He was very masculine, but also knew how to make pts feel safe, calm assured. What is amazing is he is only 21 at a time when some young men are not into caring for another human being only themselves.
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    What a great refreshing and information filled viewpoint from "Da Man." Thank you so much. I look forward to reading more insights from you......
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    We had several male students in my program and all of them were great nurses. We did have some instructors who were very discriminatory but the majority treated them well. IMHO, I love the idea of more men in this profession, it cuts some of the cattiness down!
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    inspiring now thats something to be like

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