Becoming a nurse with lymphedema (praecox)? Becoming a nurse with lymphedema (praecox)? | allnurses

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Becoming a nurse with lymphedema (praecox)?

  1. 0 OK- this is going to sound crazy- I have primary lymphedema (mainly my left leg is affected- not *horribly*- but the leg and foot are about an inch/inch and a half larger than the right.) I know darn well that nurses are on their feet all day- and I'm OK with that... However, I *am* curious about the risks due to the common staph presence in medical facilities... Has anyone known any medical professionals who have had lymphedema? I have lymphedema praecox (adolescent onset) and therefore am predisposed toward developing cellulitis. I can manage the standing/running around all day- but I *did* want to further explore the other issues with the predisposition toward cellulitis. Any advice/thoughts?
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    87 views and no comments? Someone's gotta know somethin more than I do about staph and nurses exposure to it... LOL
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    You asked if anyone knew a nurse with lymphedema.. I don't, sorry. I can't see why you'd have any more risk than anyone else re staph if you just have a predisposition to cellulitis, but don't actually have it. Universal precautions means you treat every patient as potentially infectious.
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    Quote from Equinox_93
    87 views and no comments? Someone's gotta know somethin more than I do about staph and nurses exposure to it... LOL
    Well, I was going to answer but I don't know anyone with lymphedema either.

    FWIW, I am a transplant recipient and on immune suppressants. I have never been infected with any infection from any patient (knock on wood!) That's what precautions are all about. I am very serious about hand washing and never, EVER, touch my face while at work for any reason. I have worked with countless patients on respiratory and contact precautions without incident.

    I would think that chances of an infection would be extremely low. Your legs will be covered at all times. Additionally, you could wear support hose to reduce exposure risks. You would have 2 layers of clothes for any infectious material to penetrate - your hose and your pants.

    Hope that helps you a little. :redpinkhe