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The statistics regarding back injuries are frightening with aprox 80% of Adults expected to experience back injuries in their lifetime with 10% re-injuring! When it comes to health care professionals the statistics are even... Read More

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    Hello, I have been reading these posts and thought my question is worth a try, I am an LPN I have only been working in the field<br>for four years, my only work experience has been child care, caregiving and Nurse. In May 2011 I injured my back due to a patient grabbing me and twisting my shoulders. This resulted in a herniated L5-S1 I was put down Oct 2011 emergency surgery Dec 2011 PE and infarction Feb 2012 and now this May 2012 My doc has all kinds of restrictions and has referred me to a VRC worker to determine if I am employable in ANY field. I am scared cause I can not lift, I can not even walk very far I am in pain daily my sciatic Left side radiating down to the bottom of my foot and My mensies are inbarable my back feels broke and I have to take percocet. I have been told that if L and I finds me employable at all in any field I get dropped. I have no Idea what to do I have three kids to support and do not know what I can do to earn money or what If a mirackle happens and the actually allow me to go back to school what on earth could I retrain as when I can only lift 10 pds can not turn, twist bend, crouch etc for very long? Does any one have any ideas or information for positive support I am so sad at my future and at the way L and I can just dump you.

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    Two words: body mechanics. That is all.
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    Body Mechanics had nothing to do with it. I had proper body mechanics the injury was unavoidable. but thank you for your kind heart felt help.
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    You know I am sorry I took robaxin and percocet and am feeling rather good and may be not reading and
    comprahinding as well as I feel so I may have misunderstood that comment. I am thinking you ment use proper
    body mechanics now as to not agrivate my back. at least I am hoping that is what you ment. LOL being in pain all the time
    worrying about your future career kinda takes the sense of humor out of your thoughts. LOL
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    I would like to know if someone can answer a question for me? I was hurt on the job and I am seeing a new pain management Dr, he saw me once and put me on no restrictions as a sleep technician, but still has me on percocet 4 times daily, Soma 4 times daily, mobic 1 daily and Gabapentin 4 times daily, I am in chronic pain and can't sit for longer then 15 mins and can&nbsp;hardly have use of my right shoulder all the way down to my hand with numbness and tingling and can't lift things above my head or reach or lift my Rt arm nor reach behind me with it and I also have pain in my back and all the way down my Rt leg in the back of it. Can I return to work while using all these meds? when I take them I get foggy and very tired and don't have a clear head and fall asleep. I will find out the results of my MRI on my rt shoulder this week sometime but he still has said to me, suck it up and get back to work. someone please help me out.
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    Quote from 3kidslater
    Body Mechanics had nothing to do with it. I had proper body mechanics the injury was unavoidable. but thank you for your kind heart felt help.
    It was simply an objective, and undeniable, observation of fact. Repeated use of poor body mechanics is the major cause of back injuries. :shrug: Another fact: I haven't read your post and wasn't talking to you specifically.
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    Guess that is why I love the UK and their no lifting policy. If the patient can not do it themselves then mechanical lift is used.

    Where I work in Canada the policy is if the client can not do 75% of the work themselves then mechanical means will be used. Staff back injuries are just to high for it to continue
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    Well No you shouldnt be working without a clear head and should not be driving at all like that. But unfortunantly us nurses dont really count when it comes to orders it has to come from a doc.
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