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Back Injuries and the RN/LPN/Healthcare worker - page 3

The statistics regarding back injuries are frightening with aprox 80% of Adults expected to experience back injuries in their lifetime with 10% re-injuring! When it comes to health care professionals... Read More

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    Guess that is why I love the UK and their no lifting policy. If the patient can not do it themselves then mechanical lift is used.

    Where I work in Canada the policy is if the client can not do 75% of the work themselves then mechanical means will be used. Staff back injuries are just to high for it to continue
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    Well No you shouldnt be working without a clear head and should not be driving at all like that. But unfortunantly us nurses dont really count when it comes to orders it has to come from a doc.
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    It happened to me. But 80 yr old kicked at my head! Jobs insurance will not pay to have me fixed and is actually saying i am not injured, and this is Texas the worker has NO RIGHTS.