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At what point are employers asking TMI? - page 8

I know this has been touched on in a few threads, but I think this offers a different perspective.. I just got a new job. (DREAM JOB, so excited!) I've been doing my new hire paper work, doing... Read More

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    I don't think it does the comprehensive physical is going to stop calling out. It all comes down to a sense of reponsibility and committment. If you know it's a holiday weekend and it's your turn to work- than work or switch with some one. Acute care nursing goes on 24/7. There are quite a few I have worked with that call out just because it's a holiday- has nothing to do with illness. Take note- who are the nurses calling out and the age group. I don't think alot of the call outs are from the 50 and over crowd. I know alot of 50 and over nurses who drag their sick behinds in work( and shouldn't be there but are)- myself included. It's a sense of commitment and responsibilty.
    As far as the FMLA goes- Maybe that's the unit managers problem. The FMLA isn't that for only specific reasons and don't you have to have documentation of such. You could have a perfectly healthy employee- but they always seem to come up with some reason to call out. I have worked with one who called out so many times to attend a 'funeral'- by my count- this person should be orphaned by now. Her family must be dropping dead like flies. Or some ones lacing the drinking water( and she is under 50) I and 1-2 others have had to pickup the slack for her and her little black dress. It's called work ethic. There is a definate different work ethic in the age groups- sorry.