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Asystole "observed" for 25 seconds? - page 2

The other day, I came across a tilt table test on a patient. It was a young person who had been experiencing syncopal episodes and so was sent for the study. I was amazed to come across the phrase... Read More

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    Never seen adenosine cause a pause that long. A couple seconds at most. Its half-life is way too short to be causing that dramatic an effect.

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    Sinus arrest happens all the time. 25 seconds though would be scary... that's a LONG time. (It would definitely get MY heart beating faster). I think 16 seconds is my personal best and I was squealing like a little girl. Got lots of attention.

    I see it every now and then these days when someone vaso/vagals and sometimes with accidental overdoses of Dig and Beta-Blockers (usually renal pt's) Asystole for that long and the crash cart is going to be at bedside for the rest of the visit. Pace-Paddles at the ready...