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I was so impressed by this nurse I met, she works at the hospital next door to the clinic I work at. I recently found out shes married to an NBA player, I asked her why shes working if shes married to money? (i didnt say it like... Read More

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    I worked with a RN who didn't have to work. Her husband was very successful and even if he lost his job tomorrow, they had enough money saved to live comfortably for the rest of their lives. Eventually, she quit working as a RN because of the possible risk to her personal safety(Not just combative patients, but needle sticks and exposure to diseases) and also any personal liability if someone sued her and the hospital for a mistake.

    I have two other friends who work in mental health and due to their grandfather passing away and leaving them, and his other grandchildren, money they don't have to work ever again, but they choose to work. They enjoy their jobs and get bored when they aren't working.

    If I won a large sum of money in the lottery and didn't have to work as an RN, I wouldn't. I'd probably travel for a while, then go back to college and take classes about topics I found fun and interesting.

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    I don't have to work. My husband supports our family. I went back to school and worked because I believe it's important for everyone to have something to fall back on just in case something happens in your life and your resources are no longer there. Even if life came with guarantees, I would still work as an RN.
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    Quote from MedChica
    My man makes more than enough to support the household. He told me that I didn't have to work.
    I do, anyway.
    Right now, it's about building my career. I'd still work as a nurse in some capacity no matter how well off I was. Of course, income potential lies in nursing...but in the beginning? You have to pay some dues and have the right amt of exp to command the major salaries. Of course, income potential is on the side of nursing...but I took a paycut to become a nurse.
    If it were all about money, I would've stayed on the business track. I decided to 'Go Nursing', for a reason.
    It's me. It's me...actualized. No matter how hard my day just appeals to my personality. I give. I teach. I care. I contribute to society. I help. I love it. My work is meaningful. I wear my little LVN letters with pride.

    Other than that? It's nice to be self-reliant. What if he got laid off? What if we break up? What if he gets hurt and CAN'T work? What would I do? What would WE do? What if we married and divorced? How would I support myself...our children? Where would that leave me?

    Say what you will but it's a stupid woman, indeed, who doesn't cover her bets. ...who doesn't think ahead.
    'She' deserves all that she has coming to her and...I never feel sorry for formerly rich exes who feel as though they have to drive their exes to court for aid. I don't. These women have seemingly approached their relationships/marriage as though they've nothing to offer to any man but their uterus. It's pathetic.
    Now, the chickens have come home to roost... They've broken up.
    She's sitting about 'without a pot to p/ss in or a winda to throw it outta'. Pride on the floor, having to beg for scrabs from the table...and, presumably, looking for another 'sponsor'. I don't feel sorry for the spouses of these women, either. They deserve to be taken to the cleaners. That's what happens when you choose form over substance. Next time, hitch your wagon to a female that has the potential to be moree than 'dead weight'.

    Also? A person needs something to do with themselves. I couldn't care less how much money that anyone has. Just because you're 'rich'/'wealthy' doesn't mean that you can't also be a loser.
    Look at these 'reality shows', for instance. Now why would anyone envy people who sit around with nothing to do but their hair (and nails)? What a bunch of useless individuals.
    Get a life.

    Offer the uterus? I think it's the little stop along the way that most men are interested in, LOL. I don't mean to be vulgar, it just struck me kinda funny.
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    My husband makes enough to live on, but we want to put money away for retirement & take vacations while we can. Besides, I'd go nuts staying at home all of the time since my kids are grown & out of the house. Also, like others commented, you never know how long marriages will last. I want to be able to support myself.
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    Well, besides a couple of comments about stay-at-home wives/moms, I've really enjoyed this thread.

    I am a stay-at-home mom/NS student. I have been at home for 13 years. Obviously I don't need to work. But, now that my son is off in middle school, I'm bored out of my mind. There's only so much volunteer work, exercise, cleaning and baking a person can do. I started back to school 2 years ago to give my life some fulfillment besides being a mom. I can't wait to become a nurse. I love every second of clinicals and want to be productive and help people.

    I am going to make my hubby be a stay-at-home husband/cabana boy though. It's my turn.
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    My dad made my mom work. He was getting teased by his friends about his SAHM wife.
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    I don't need to work either. My husband earns enough pay check for us to live comfortably but it's my own investment an investment I have gained for myself not through my husband. I work part-time and no desire for full-time at this moment. I agreed with others who knows what tomorrow brings! It's better safe than sorry. I save as much as possible every paycheck in case we need it in the future.
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    I retired about 7 yrs ago. HATED IT! But my body was a broken after 38 yrs of nursing. I just hated staying home and between my hubby and my retirement we did okay, nothing great but comfy.
    I looked over my career and made points about the things I loved doing in nursing. My all time favorite was Coronary Care Unit. I loved all things heart. Esp arrhythmias. I liked watching heart monitors, in fact, I watched monitors going thru nursing school. I am also pretty disabled and have to use a cane. But watching monitors doesn't require patient or visitor contact. I am in a little dark room with 3 other people all cozy and warm, doing something I am very good at. I only work 9 shifts a month. 3 weekends a month Fridays saturdays and sundays.and always have a little vacation for 12 days a month. I love the people I work with and the hospital that gave me a chance even though I am older and disabled. I just cannot complain at all.
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    I believe that I would love to work as a volunteer nurse; I'm not sure where I would be able to do that in my area. Sometimes I think my job would actually be more satisfying to me if I were doing it on a voluntary basis; I know that sounds strange. I guess it would be nice to COMPLETELY be doing the job only because I want to.
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    My husband has said before that if he made a certain amount, then I could "drop down" to part-time or per diem. I told him until I have a reason to (ie, having a baby) I'd be full time, thank you very much. What would I do with myself if I didn't work full time?? Might be different if I worked 8 hour shifts though... can't argue with 3 12's a week!

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