Anyone who used to work for Genesis HC? Anyone who used to work for Genesis HC? | allnurses

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Anyone who used to work for Genesis HC?

  1. 0 Hello!

    So I actually just have a quick question for anyone who has left, (or knows someone who has left..) a Genesis facility.

    I'm an RN there, been about a year and 7 months, and have about 90 unused vacation hours (I did use some up over the past year; unfortunately when I put in my notice, It was too late to ask for vaca time before the fact without it causing issues with timing at my new job.. )

    I looked up in the handbook about vacation time, but it was a little confusing.

    Has anyone left and know if they will compensate you for ANY unused time?

    Thanks for the help!
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    When I left a job that I had vacation left over they sent me a separate check for my time. I don't know if it's law but they should compensate you for it because it is time you earned unlike sick time which is given to you.
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    i left several years ago, they cut me a check for all of my vacation time.
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    I don't know about Genesis, but I was compensated for my PTO time when I left a previous job. BUT, there was criteria I had to meet in order to get my compensation, and one was that I couldn't miss any scheduled days after giving notice. You need to check the policy where you work.