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I am an adult student (42) starting nursing school in the fall (finishing up my pre-reqs). I have been able to continue working my office job through the pre-reqs, but the schedule for the nursing... Read More

  1. by   KentuckyRN2Be
    Quote from happydays352
    I would love to get one that's fitted. I'm very busty but I have a smaller waist so I either look like I'm wearing a sack or I'm busting out, literally. Let me know if you do decide to get started!

    All it would take is tailoring the waist. I'm large chested as well, and have had to do alot of this with my clothes. I'd be happy to help if you'd like.

  2. by   KentuckyRN2Be
    Quote from santhony44

    You might end up with more to do than you have time for!!
    I could deal with that! It is a tricky balance, but I'm committed to nursing school so I can say no when I need to.

    thanks so much for the encouragement!!
  3. by   happydays352
    Quote from KentuckyRN2Be
    All it would take is tailoring the waist. I'm large chested as well, and have had to do alot of this with my clothes. I'd be happy to help if you'd like.

    I would love it!
  4. by   Indy
    Some details that would make your handmade ones stand out, besides variety in patterns:

    The tape stuff in the pockets, that you hang pens/scissors from? Put in both left and right pockets please.

    Girls like left breast pockets too, to go along with the bottom pockets.

    Offer to tailor to accommodate those with larger um, endowments.

    As for fabric, whatever you can afford... if you find stuff on clearance you might make it in stock sizes and just put it out as "as is" items.
  5. by   Soup Turtle
    I bought a hand-made scrub top off ebay for about $28-30. There were two coordinating fabrics and I got to chose which pattern I wanted for the main part, the sleeves and the pockets. I wasn't sure about buying something home-made, but I ended up being very impressed and got lots of compliments on my unique scrub top. Since I was limited to wearing cat/dog prints, it was hard to find something that everyone else didn't already have.:spin:
  6. by   JBudd
    Quote from KentuckyRN2Be
    Thanks for all the wonderful answers!! I am very serious about this as I know what it takes to have a sewing business and know I can do it. I love all the fabrics that are out there that would make great scrub tops. I'm glad I asked! Keep the ideas coming

    I make my own tops and get a lot of compliments. I put a triangle of cloth across the V neck, and that is what people like the most, because so many V necks come way too low for those of us with a shelf!

    Some years ago, a girl made a lot of tops and jackets, she'd just carry them through the floors. We had a factory outlet nearby, with seconds (sheets), which is the perfect material (part poly, part cotton). No ironing at all. Noone cared if there were several of the same pattern. The sheets were maybe $4, and could get several tops out of it. Still have the jacket I bought from her. I made over 40 nativity costumes out of similar sheets, they are great! So for solids, even the 4 or 5 dollar sheets at Walmart or Kmart would give you great cloth.
  7. by   divokevan
    Oh that is my dream. I want to design a line of coture scrubs! I was thinking of how boreing they all! Give nurses a little style. Maybe some more interesting cuts with a vintage fading print...who wouldn't buy those?