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I don't know the woman in question, yet news reports acknowledge that facebook has caused another job termination casualty in the nursing community. I know there are numerous posts regarding this topic, yet I figure sharing this... Read More

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    Quote from happyparamedicrn
    the title of this thread should be: another nurse bites the dust due to her own stupidity while using facebook!!!!

    just my oppinion. if you do not use common sence then you deserve what you get!

    i totally agree. i've seen a few people get into trouble with facebook, and every one of them was doing something stupid!
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    I don't know what this nusre posted, but professionalism has vanished in the work place these days. i am a lpn student excited to jump into the nursing industry!! however, i know that there are going to be a lot of things that work my nerves regarding ''Professionalism," due to the fact that my clinical settings are horrible at professionalism. it's scary!! where have the morals and ethnics gone? tisk tisk, I hope to make my way up to a nurse practioner or RN manager to bring class and eliteness back to the industry!!
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    I have several ppl from my work on my FB, I NEVER EVER post names or room numbers, most of my posts consist of working with "the best co-workers ever!" or "I truly love my job!"
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    Quote from CNL2B
    This is an interesting question to me specifically as a federal employee. I am mandated by our facility guidelines (and I think, law) not to express political viewpoints in the workplace (especially to patients) as it might be construed as the opinion of the federal government as a whole. This comes up regularly around election times especially and we are reminded of these standards via hospital-wide emails, etc. Does that mean that I shouldn't express my political viewpoints on FB, either?

    This IS a tough call. Are employers turning into our big brother? Do they have any right to be looking at our social networking pages at all?
    You should make a thread asking that question, CNL. I think it would be very interesting to see what everyonw thinks. I have a fb account and I'm friends with several co-workers, but after having read this I will definitely think twice about writing anything about not wanting to go to work, or if I don't like the color of someone's scrub pants, or if I see a spot on the floor. I can just see the newspaper headlines "Hospital employee fired after making disparaging remark about a speck of dirt on floor!" Essh!
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    Quote from SweettartRN
    I am going to play devil's advocate here; I think that if she can find a lawyer, she can probably get her job back.
    Here's why:
    It is said that she wrote that she came face to face with a cop killer and hoped he rotted in hell.

    If that is what she REALLY wrote, then who's to say she didn't run into him at the gas station, the grocery store, visiting a friend in jail, etc.
    There was nothing in that statement to say that she did this at work, at a specific hospital nor who the person was.

    We have the right to freedom of speech still in this country. I don't see where HIPPA was violated except by CIRCUMSTANTIAL evidence, which is usually not even admissable in court.

    We have the right to exercise our liberties in the privacy of our own home. She did that, and I personally don't think she did anything wrong.

    Just MHO.
    Circumstatial evidence usually not even admissable in court?? That's not necessarily correct. My friend is a Superior Court Judge, and he tells me about cases that are purely based on circumstantial evidence that usually go in the prosecutions favor. Just a FYI.
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    Quote from cloudwatcher
    How do you know that she is a nurse?? It does not say that anywhere in the article, she could have been a receptionist or anything else at that hospital....
    Someone posting on this site went to nursing school with her, and knows her well.
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    Quote from johnnyDoGood
    nope, just browsing, and i could tell it wasn't for me. it seemed like it was more a place for hook ups like a dating service when i was on there. i said, nope, lemme move on.
    A dating website?? Hmmm... maybe in Canada...
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    I am not a nurse yet, but even in my current non-nursing profession I have made it a personal policy not to friend co-workers and not to post anything about work, ever. When co-workers send me friend requests I thank them very much for their friend request, but that I use Facebook for personal purposes only, no networking, and that I signed up mainly to re-connect with former high school and college classmates (I'm 40).
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    I think it is a huge mistake to be FB friends with coworkers. If you err there, you are going to have consequences. Perhaps minor enough to make it worth it to you, just some hurt feelings or minor conflict, but may include abject humiliation for you or tohers, losing friends, losing a job. Know the risks, take your chances, accept the consequences, blame no one else.
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    Quote from scoochy
    I do not participate on FB, Twitter, etc. Too much risk involved, IMO.
    There is no risk involved when you don't post anything about work on your account. The owner of the account has control over that completely and I never post anything on facebook that I wouldn't want posted on a billboard downtown.

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